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Annnndd we're out.
Congrats to Colombia.

We'll be back next year...
Mmmmmmm, spaghetti.....
The doctor of the Uruguay national team, Dr. Walter Ferreira, is one of the men behind the return of Luis Suárez in time for the World Cup. Despite it being a remarkable feat to get him in tip-top shape so soon, it's far more remarkable what he sacrificed for it: his OWN cancer treatment. The good man actually forfeited his chemotherapy treatment so he could spend his time to prepare Luis for the World Cup.

Unbelievable. I admit I shed a tear when I heard about that. Such patriotism and love of the game is very touching.
To clarify:
Next up is Italia for 2nd place in the group.
La Celeste!!!
El Pistolero u make me happy, two great goals against England ;D
Not Football related but the Uruguayan president is the best iv'e ever seen, he donates 90 Percent of his income to poverty and lives on his local farm. Respect :)
what if Bill Gates did that? :P
He legalized weed too ! lol
Posted something on this forum by accident. edit.
uruguay will be a hard rock for any rival. We can win the group and challenge for the title
We can win the group and Qualify! Soy celeste, soy celeste. Celeste soy yo!
Uruguay won 0-5 and will be challenging for the title in Brasil. =)

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