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World Cup Tue, 1st Jul 2014
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Rumors that Yedlin is signing with Roma, being loaned back to Seattle.
They played their guts out and showed their determination and passion. We had the hardest travel schedule, some really unfortunate injuries, and were in the group of death and we still made it out over Portugal and Ghana!! Not too shabby at all!!

Oh, and Timothy Matthew "Tim" Howard is the new front runner for President:
No shame whatsoever. US had one of the toughest groups in the WC and despite the constant insults people said about US not only did they make it out of the group but showed up and played very, very well. Lots of these players they faced play in top teams in Europe but I'm proud of our MLS representing boys who proved that you don't have to play in the best league to be an excellent player. Their are lots of things the national team has to work on but this is a wonderful start to show the world that US Soccer is growing and our national team is a force to reckoned with. I'm glad Klinsmann is our manager his brought a lot of change to the team like attacking football, fearlessness, confidence, inspiration and most of all belief. The fight to equalize against Belgium was just so inspirational and props to all the players who kept on pushing till the last second. Tim Howard take a bow son, what a Gk!
I like the way our team is headed with Klins. I agree they played very well at times and it was a hard fought battle ever game.
Proud of our performance. They weren't the best, but it's babysteps for us. Four years ago we would have been thrilled with a draw vs Portugal.... now it feels like a loss. No matter I put my faith in Klinsmann when he dropped Donovan and brought in Green. He didn't disappoint and I'm looking forward to the future.
Proud of our performance today. Go USA!

Take a bow Tim Howard, 16 saves- sad to see u Go USA.
We gave it are all proud of the team.
What a great showing this tournament. So proud of the guys, no doubt that this was a successful tournament.

Onward and upward. We need to work on possession for sure, and finishing our chances. I have no doubt Klinsmann can get us there.
props to the US backline and howard. it was an exceptional performance by all of them especially howard. what a beast.

however, i think US needs to work on the midfield. bradley is so off, we need another playmaker. zusi was horrible. im surprised he only got subbed off at the 70th min and not earlier.

but i thought this was a very impressive WC run for the US. played some great football and really put a lot of effort into in. also, yedlin and maybe julian green looks to have lots of potential.

best US player in this WC for me is jones, great runs and really bosses the midfield
I think the problem with Bradley this tournament is that everyone knew he was the heartbeat of our team. When you know that and have the players to counteract that, it's not hard as a manager to say, "Hey, we need to focus on shutting him down."

When Jozy went down, that gave Bradley two less attacking options- Jozy's holdup play, and on the side because Dempsey had to play up top. Zusi and Bedoya as attacking, wide midfielders do not cut in and offer themselves like Dempsey does.

However, this did have some positives in that it unleashed Jones as an attacking player, with his runs deep from midfield. I agree that he was the best player this tournament for us.

The name of the game in the buildup for the next World Cup will be to work on possession and attacking with speed and efficiency.

If you look at a core group of players from this squad that could be around in Russia (based of age), we're looking at Bradley, Johnson, Yedlin, Besler, Gonzalez, Brooks, Chandler, Cameron, Diskerud, Bedoya, Green, Zusi, Jozy, and Johannsson. That's a good group of guys.

For any of you that miss games you want to watch, I highly suggest Super Highlights on Facebook. These guys do a supreme job at putting together 'extended highlights' after the games. It's hard these days to find decent vids on this site for some reason...
Best of luck against lil' ol' Belgium dudes! I hope we both play well so the neutrals can be amazed by both our squads. We may have more individual talent, but I fear your workrate and motivation more than I'd fear talent.
Those are kind words Jeroen. Good look to you as well. I'm excited we got matched up with you guys because I haven't been able to see much of Belgium with my work schedule this WC. Should be a great game!
Accurate assessment, I'd say :) Player for player, Belgium has much more skill and individual talent. As a team though, our spirit is nearly unmatched across the international board. I expect us both to play to our strengths, and hopefully that makes for a good match.
Turns out it did. Our fight made it interesting to the end. Good game.

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