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Daily Mail - 2 weeks ago
From huge fan parks in Berlin and army camps in Afghanistan, to the war-torn back streets of Aleppo in Syria and entire communities gathered around a single television in the favela districts of Rio de Janeiro - the World Cup Final had a truly global ... - 16 hours ago
It's particularly depressing as television because you're looking at faces full of innocence and hope who should be making up stories and playing football. Instead what you're getting from their mouths is the conditioned cant of adulthood. When an 11 ...
defenceWeb - 1 hour ago
It said hundreds of thousands of Christians had fled three years of civil war in Syria and in the Central African Republic, lawlessness and sectarian violence between Christians and Muslims had reportedly resulted in 700 deaths in December alone and ...
Middle East Eye - 1 week ago
"I was a civilian, not a fighter," Nour states. He says family was forced to leave and while his family fled to Egypt, he decided to come to Lebanon. He played club football for nine years in Syria and when local relatives told him about Nehad's team ...
FT Adviser - Yesterday
Michael Levy, manager of the Barings Frontier Markets fund, notes that while countries such as Libya and Syria are not natural investment destinations, the situations there can have an impact on areas such as the oil and gas supply, and also ...
Bangkok Post - 2 days ago
Of them, one of the worst was a claim from the United Nations that the militant group Isis, currently in control of large swathes of Iraq and Syria, issued a decree that would force all women in Mosul to undergo genital mutilation. Hopefully this does ...
KSWO - 3 days ago
The Ohio State marching band is moving forward without its director; a day after he was fired they're performing with the Columbus Symphony in what's often considered the band's unofficial season kickoff. Having forced out a beloved football coach and ...
The National - 4 days ago
“This Ramadan I'm so happy, people are going to the markets, to coffee shops, they have been watching the world cup football, all trying to forget the killing and the bloodshed,” said a taxi driver from Ruken El Deen, a working class area on the ...
Napanee Guide - 6 days ago
Elements of the legendary 1914 Christmas truce -- the unofficial ceasefires along the Western Front that saw soldiers from both sides of the conflict come out of the trenches to greet each other, sing carols and even play football -- will also be ...
- 4 days ago
Whatever the name of the extremist group attempting to seize control of territory, be it Ansar al-Sharia in Yemen or ISIL in Iraq and Syria or al-Nusra Front, "their style of rule is one and the same, because their [ideological] point of reference ...
Lebanon vs. Syria
Supporters of Lebanon\'s Hezbollah wave Hezbollah and Palestinian flags during a rally to mark \"Quds (Jerusalem) Day\" in the southern Lebanese village of Maroun el-Ras','cHJpbnQ=','cHJpbnQ=');" /> Lebanon vs. Syria
Supporters of Lebanon\'s Hezbollah wave Hezbollah, Palestinian and Lebanese flags during a rally to mark \"Quds (Jerusalem) Day\" in the southern Lebanese village of Maroun el-Ras, near the border with ...','cHJpbnQ=','cHJpbnQ=');" /> Lebanon vs. Syria
Lebanon\'s Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah addresses his supporters via a projection during a rally to mark \"Quds (Jerusalem) Day\" in the southern Lebanese village of Maroun el-Ras, near the ...','cHJpbnQ=','cHJpbnQ=');" />
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