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First Chelsea now City wanting Danilo lmao. Please take him! Take him and go

On a serious note, he can actually get back to his old self in the PL. Not all is lost for him but I'd be happy with recouping that money we spent on him at least.
It's 30m + the best part 5m in add ons haha
Pep won't know what hit him. Eitherway Pep doesn't want his players to do much defending, so he will play as a wing back, mostly utilised going forward
I don't understand why they are interested in signing him after signing Walker for a huge sum
Probably because they need a LB and if I remember correctly Danilo is a better LB than RB lol
Danilo is played at LB, turns world class. Pep wins!
Morata has been sold to Chelsea for ~65M Euros. I am happy for him but a little disappointed. He was good this season and was a reliable backup, but I see why Benz is preferred.

We need a striker to ensure Benz doesn't get too comfy, does this open the door and get the funds for Mbappe?

Danilo is also looking like a done deal to City. Carvajal might get injured and can't play every day, who should we look to as a backup.
65M only? Didn't we demand more from United? Well in that case I hope they price Hazard more reasonably in return. I can see him coming here eventually.

I hope Mbappe stays with Monaco for another season so he can develop. Plus I feel bad for them losing so many good players

For now I wouldn't mind using that cash for Hazard and have CR play upfront with Benz. Other than Belotti, no other striker is available. Auba sale closed. Maybe use that Morata money for Hazard or Verratti?
Hazard will be over 100M and he is our best player, maybe in pl , his prize will be high
Hazard maybe next season...he wont be sold this year
Probably not. Curious to see who Zizou picks. So far we've been making modest purchases. Don't see Ceballos anything more than a utility player.
Great video about our underrated RB. I've always thought he has what it takes to be our next true captain. This mini-documentary video clearly affirms that.

Check out RealmadridCF youtube. Lots of new videos with other players as well
Dani Ceballos is confirmed on a six year deal. We met his release clause of a bit under 20 M euros.

What a talent and at what price :O I'm very happy about this signing. Modric is not getting younger and this is perfect for Kovacic and him to take over in a few seasons.

He's only 20. Is a loan our best bet for the upcoming season?
f**k I can't believe he chose Madrid over us...we didn't want him anyways lol.

But for real, he's an amazing talent. In U21 Euros it was my first time watching him. Everybody was talking about Asensio or Saul but this #6 I've never heard of caught my attention the most.

I just hope he doesn't turn into another promising Spanish player who didn't get enough playing time. I think he will stay here a season and then probably go on loan.
Thank you for mentioning...

"another spanish player who didn't get enough playing time"

..thank you for your concern
You're welcome. I'm half Spanish so I'm going to be concerned about Spanish players especially the ones who are young and trying to compete with Kroos, Modric, Isco and Kovacic.
..yet, Asensio, Vasquez, morata, jese... all this player at least got a shot at playing regarless of the players they had to compete with.

We all know you were trying to point out that real madrid don't give chances to young spanish players.. sorry Mr.. you failed
Wtf 😂 if I wanted to take a dig at Madrid I would have done it openly, not afraid to do that.

Damn what has footytube turned into. And as for your information I don't just mean in Madrid but in every big club. Players like Cuenca, Tello, Grimaldo and I can name lots of other players who couldn't reach their full potential because of lack of playing time.

Unlike majority of 'fans' on footytube, there are some of us who actually care about their national teams and don't just support Argentina or Portugal.
Sadly, Afghanistan is only good at cricket so I'm currently stateless when it comes to national football.

Idk why you guys made a big deal out of it. Cjayzz, I don't think Sanchez was taking a dig. Even if he was, it's not that big of a deal, rival teams will have this sort of thing.
If there's one person I want us to get this season it's Marco Verratti. I don't care if he cost us 80-90 mill. I don't think we'll find a better MF then him and if Barca get him. Just picturing him with Kroos and Casemiro is mouthwatering.

Hopefully he'll be our big singing. We should forget about Hazard for now.
we don't need him..
..where exactly is he going to play??

Veratti is very good, but real maddrid is too stacked
Ive always believed the Flo Prez is an amazing asset for Real Madrid. Ive also believed that the notion that he is no good is something created by people who want to see Real fail.

This article takes my side: (I thought i share)

Well, he is the founder of the "galactico" strategy.. which even today has proven to be hugely successful. Now it seems he has moved on from those days and keenly investing in young and emerging talents
It will be interesting to see what approach he takes ones CR7 is gone.
With cr7, literally every other players is shadowed by his might and glory... and players like Cr7 come around once in a generation
Saw on the Chelsea page that they are interested in signing Danilo... for 31m xD

Now thats what you called picking up someone else's sh!t ... believing it to be gold, that is not s**t

that is a solid transfer prospect; we are only willing to sell for even 3mil.. we will throw a cheeky buy back clause..

please let this transfer happen
I pray to God they finalize this soon. He's just not settling in this club.

Didn't think it would be possible to recoup the money we spent on him. For now Carvajal will do with Nacho being his backup.
Lol "that is not s**t" but Danilo is most definitely Real Madrid's s**t lol

In the last one year he has done everything possible... score a stupid own goal, gift opposition possession, fail to mark, leave massive space on the right
The difference when Carvajal plays is like day and night
Another man's rubbish is another man's treasure :D
Benzema's legal problems seem to be nearing an end. It was deemed an unfair investigation by the highest French court, and although he is not cleared yet per se, the case will go to a lower court.

I was so disappointed when they left him out of the Euros, he is a perfect fit in the french team. Remember the World Cup?
Deschamps just has a bug up his ass about Big Benz. Watch him leave him out for the WC in favor of Giroud and Gignac
Yeah it's funny seeing giroud play for France when he isn't half the player Benz is
France since mid 2000s has had highly egoistic managers
why are you people compalining

...benzema went 18 mathes for france without a single goal...

Griezman was the highest goal scorer in the Euros.. who is fooling who?
..Benzema is below france quality right now; he is definitely not better than Griezman, Dembele
We're talking about Giroud not Griezmann. Griezmann can play with him as he already did with Giroud.

Also Dembele is a winger. Apples and oranges.
How do you even confuse Giroud for Griezmann.. one has a beard, the other dont 😃
mbappe kind of makes benzema surplus, no? france have plenty of options. martial isnt in the squad and he can play 9. lacazette as well.
James to Bayern. Midfield to of Vidal, Thiago and James is scary. What do you guys think?
Bayern are SO GOOD at transfers. They move like assassins! Hopefully Bayern ends the Madrid dominance in CL haha, hat trick CL trophies would be nasty XD
Real Madrid will defeat any team but Barcelona. If Real dont meet Barca in Champions League, they are in for hattrick.
Usually RM will have no problem getting past Barca or beating them. If Barca bring their A game (diving ) then things could be tough
Lol c'mon Vaaz.

James to Bayern at first seems dumb, especially a 2 year loan when teams are willing to offer that much straight up. The reports are 10M now and 65M then, which brings it to about 75M. A steal in this market.
Bild,Espnfc, sayin 5M€ 2 per years, 35.2M€ buy option. I think Bayern got a very very good deal.

Either way I for one will miss el niño de oro,he was an enigma that could open a game with one pass or shot hope he kills it at Bayern and makes me a bit worried if we meet soon.
Spot on Vaaz
I see Vaaz is still hurt lol. Let it out baby let it all out. Perfect forum for some fellow trolls to back you up.

As for legit discussions, I think James will make Bayern a scary team. He's a goal scorer which Bayern lacked from midfield IMO.
Yeah soo hurt after winning back to back UCL lmao xD
Lol what? Madrid won back to back not United...must be nice "supporting" two big clubs like that. United doesn't satisfy your needs? It's like me being happy because Juve won a double lol

Oh and even though Madrid won back to back CL, you still sound like a 12 year old salt boy. Everybody was having a legit conversation until you showed up with your usual nonsense. No matter how hard you convince yourself, Ramos got a deserved red :) get over it
I sleep well everyday when i wake and remember we the UCL champions; AGAIN!!

- Back to back, 3 times in 4 years.... 7 Semi finals in a role..

Oh and the league title is finally back...

did someone call Barcelona?? beautiful city
..but this thread was about Bayern :(
Lol @Savage that's footytube for you these days. Can't have a proper discussion without a few little trolls yelling out b.s.

@Cjayzz, who was talking to you or about your sleep? Or is your second account Vaaz lol
Everyone take notice that Sanchez always starts sh*t. And then starts calling names. Very adult like, bravo.

Ps: I call him "the lol guy"
Anyone who doesn't agree with him are pretty much trolls
Holy s**t i didn't know being a bit successful meant this many bandwagon trolls. Where did Sanchez start anything? He commented about a transfer.

Vaaz, a United fan supposedly replies with a diving joke. Lmao and then the army of likes and assholes arrives.

No wonder footytube is dead.
Thank you Hikmat. As for S2killinit and Iscodisco, please tell me where I started something? I wanted to have a legit conversation about James moving because I know Madrid fans are 50/50 about that deal. Then comes Vaaz with his usual s**t talking about Barca and Barca players.
You started s***t when you started calling people names. How is it that every time you comment on our page it turns into pure garbage?? You troll harder than anyone. Just relax a little and dont ruin the site for the rest of us.
Lol I started calling people names? I was asking about Madrid fan's opinion on James' transfer. Where did Barca and diving come into this?

Don't ruin the site? I guess trying to start a legit discussion is ruining the site hey? But people commenting s**t not even related to the topic is making the site better.
Off topic but nice to see AC Milan rebuilding with all these signing. Hope this means a revival. Not happy with seeing Juve as the sole dominant club in Italy.

The Chinese aren't messing around and they're investing quite intelligently.

Chelsea announce signing of Álvaro Morata on a five-year contract
8 hours ago
Chelsea have announced the signing of the striker Álvaro Morata from Real Madrid on a five-year contract
Manchester City among clubs accused by Monaco of tapping up Kylian Mbappé
1 day ago
Manchester City are one of four clubs Monaco are threatening to report to Fifa for allegedly making an unauthorised approach to Kylian Mbappé
Chelsea confirm deal agreed to sign Álvaro Morata from Real Madrid
2 days ago
Chelsea are set to complete the signing of Álvaro Morata from Real Madrid
Manchester City set to sign Real Madrid right-back Danilo for £26.5m
2 days ago
Manchester City are set to sign their second right-back in a week with Real Madrid’s Danilo on the verge of following in Kyle Walker’s footsteps
Manchester United expect Real Madrid to renew interest in David de Gea
1 week ago
José Mourinho does not want the goalkeeper David de Gea to leave Manchester United but Real Madrid appear determined to tempt him away
Bayern Munich sign James Rodríguez on two-year loan from Real Madrid
1 week ago
German champions Bayern have agreed to sign Real Madrid’s Colombian international James Rodríguez on a two-year loan deal
Theo Hernández’s move to Real clouds gentleman’s agreement with Atlético
1 week ago
Real have broken their ‘non-aggression pact’ with Atlético to sign the teenage left-back for €24m, but is this a one-off or the start of frostier relations in Madrid?
Chelsea set sights on Real Madrid’s Álvaro Morata to replace Diego Costa
1 week ago
Chelsea are prioritising the signing of Real Madrid’s Álvaro Morata having granted Diego Costa an extended leave of absence while they negotiate his proposed sale to Atlético Madrid
Vinícius Júnior: the £38m teenager who hasn’t actually done anything yet
2 weeks ago
Perhaps Vinícius Júnior will go on to have a happy and successful career and explore the outer fringes of his own talent. The wider question is: why do this to him?
Manchester United to make improved £66m offer for Real Madrid’s Álvaro Morata
2 weeks ago
Manchester United are set to make an improved offer of €75m (£65.8m) to Real Madrid for Álvaro Morata as José Mourinho steps up his attempt to replace the departed Zlatan Ibrahimovic for next season
Europe’s top transfer targets: from Mbappé to Aubameyang via Verratti
1 month ago
Barcelona want a right-back and a Xavi replacement, Manchester United and Arsenal need strikers, while Juventus want a winger – the chase is on
Real Madrid’s mixed messages put the ball back in Cristiano Ronaldo’s court
1 month ago
Florentino Pérez has said that his club are not contemplating Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure but one day they must, and his equivocal tone suggests his options remain open
Cristiano Ronaldo backed by Portugal coach amid transfer speculation
1 month ago
Fernando Santos has dismissed suggestions that Cristiano Ronaldo’s current situation could affect Portugal’s campaign at the Confederations Cup
‘Outraged’ Cristiano Ronaldo puts Manchester United on red alert
1 month ago
Manchester United are watching Cristiano Ronaldo developments after the Real Madrid striker said he is ‘outraged’ at what he feels is unfair treatment by Spanish tax authorities
It’s the Sids 2017! The complete review of the 2016-17 La Liga season
1 month ago
From Real Madrid’s historic double to a bottom three in a league of their own, via explosive managerial cameos and that statue, it’s the annual awards
Cristiano Ronaldo accused of €14.8m tax fraud in Spain
1 month ago
Prosecutor alleges footballer used shell company, failed to declare some earnings and under-reported others
Manchester United’s Álvaro Morata pursuit complicated by David de Gea
1 month ago
Manchester United hope to complete the signing of Álvaro Morata after the Real Madrid striker told the European champions he wanted to leave them
Manchester United set to increase offer for Álvaro Morata to £60m
1 month ago
Manchester United are set to increase their offer for Álvaro Morata to £60m after their first bid of around £52m was rejected by Real Madrid
Pepe leaves Real Madrid a touch bitter but with inner Hannibal Lecter tamed
1 month ago
Despite eventually learning self-control, Pepe is certainly no angel. But as he leaves Real Madrid, a touch sadly, it is time to acknowledge just how good a player he became
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