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José Mourinho admits Barcelona's thrashing of Real Madrid was fair
Sid Lowe at Camp Nou - 3 years ago

Real Madrid departed Camp Nou heads down and in silence last night. While five kilometres away Barcelona's fans spilled on to Las Ramblas in celebration, there was not a word from the men their team had defeated. None of Real Madrid's players faced the media. José Mourinho did – on the night he suffered the worst defeat of his coaching career.

He conceded there could be no excuse. He also admitted he had spent the second half, during which he barely ventured from his dugout, merely watching the clock run down, knowing there was no way back.

"This is the first time I have ever been beaten 5-0," Mourinho said. "It is a historically bad result for us. It is not a humiliation but I am very disappointed. It is sad for us.

"But it is not difficult for me to swallow. What's difficult to swallow is when you lose a game because you have hit the post or the referee has been bad. I have left here in that state before with Chelsea and Inter Milan but that was not the case tonight. It is easy for me to take because it is fair.

"We played very, very badly and they were fantastic. We gifted them two goals that were bordering on the ridiculous. It is our own fault."

Mourinho had said before the game that he hoped his team were mentally strong enough to lose and not be sunk by the result or stable enough to win and keep their feet on the ground. Now he had cause to return to that narrative.

"I hope this game does not affect us psychologically. I have spoken to the players and told them the title is not gone. We can't leave here crying. I left here defeated at the start of last season with Inter Milan and then at the end of the season we were playing in the Champions League final [having knocked out Barcelona], while they had to watch it on television.

"When you go 2-0 down you have two choices. You can say 'let's leave it at this' or you can take a risk and try to get into the game. They are very quick and dangerous on the counterattack and we paid for that. When they scored the third, the game was over. I knew we had no chance. We felt impotent. I am disappointed because I expected more but at that point all I wanted was for us not to lose our balance on the pitch."

Pep Guardiola, Barcelona's coach, said he was "proud the whole world has seen how we play football" but was keen not to write off Madrid or Mourinho. "Last week, you beat Almeria 8-0 and their coach was sacked," it was pointed out to Guardiola. "This week, you have beaten Madrid 5-0. Do you expect Mourinho to get the sack?" A smile and Guardiola said softly: "No." Then he left the building. Mourinho and his players had already long gone.

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good boy Jo Mou haha =)
if someone says that the title hopes are gone... you need to pinch urself back to reality... start of the season and 2 points separating the team!
ehh Jose i think it will be faar different in april
"Revenge is a dish best served cold" and boy did we freeze it.

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