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Barcelona have 18,109 fans
48 years ago
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I donno what to say. You look at Barca and their performances thus far in the season. Today they played the best match they have played all season long, hands down.
Lol, delight.
This makes no sense.

madrid got murdered tonight.
RM's two-point difference isn't really an accurate representation of the difference in skill and ability between these two.

It's a shame Villa didn't get the chance to score a hat-trick, but Bojan did set up that last goal, and one can't forget his first two touches! (;
Horrible,it shouldn't have even been that much of a goal socring, Oh well, that's football. Barcelona's done horrible to way different teams in the past also,this is no exception...

Keeo working Real,Hala Madrid.
barcelona is the b$st!
hahaha i just loved seeing all real supporters faces today and yesterday !!
this barca team is THE best team in the history of football. it's a team that all the team sin the world look up to. they have a game philosophy that is no secret, but over the course of so many years they have perfected it.
Ronald Koeman said it...the game today is different, much more of everything. power, speed, stamina, technique...therefore they are the best already, only they won't say it because they're relatively inexperienced still - unbelievably!
if they won't be blinded with money (Alves, pedro, busqets) they can even win 10 la liga titles in a row.
Real wants to win against barca on their own terms, that will never happen...they just can't show up to the game like Kazan or Inter, that'd be like admitting barca are better, so the conclusion, if you wanna play football and win, you have to be ego-less. period.

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