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Barcelona have 18,119 fans
48 years ago
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Fantastic Win, I hope Barca keep moving forward!
WTF is this real? or 1 of my bad dreams!!!
this is real, real madrid
Bellissimo!!! Superb!!! What a game!!! Barca was on the training camp. 67% Ball possession. Seven Real Madrid players got yellow cards and one red. What a frustration for RM. Maaan!!! I like it. RM its not about money. Its about acquiring right players. Just one little negative from this game: Messi couldn't score. But I think he assisted two goals. He was incredible anyway.
dont 4get that barca was at home...
it should be in a random stadium u cnt quite work it out coz if RMD wins barca at bernabeu than its pretty even again. there is no difference, might be in the scoreline, so barca fans no point getting so happy 1 more el classico to come anyway and its in santiago bernabue'...if barca wins that 2 then you can decide on who is better..
Barca has won 5 consecutive El Classico Games what else you need to prove. Real Madrid has one of the best coaches in the this sport right now and arguably bunch of super star players. Just watch the replay yourself Barca had precision passing game. And they do it in most of their games.
Footy4Torres, you are pathetic.
No point getting so happy? Barca win agains Real Madrid, and they are not suppose to be happy?

Why don't you just enjoy the one of the best match you are given chance to witness.

The world have witness Messi lethal side, beside his scoring. His ability to drive his team. A total teamplayer. The best!!!

.. b4 then, RM won 3 consecutive El Classicos so whats ur point, that madrid can't beat barca??
you can't really hope for a small margin of victory when such two heavy weights of football history clash.

having said that, i did not at all expect a 5-0 victory.

and give mourinho some time. it's helluva hard job to manage a team like RM (the most successful team in the history of the sport). it's hard to compare pepe to mourinho just yet.
the abiding memory from this 5-0 rout is a beautiful display by Barcelona to send Jose Mourinho home with his tail firmly between his legs. Barca were imperious, Real listless.
Brilliant from Barcelona, absolutely brilliant. A shame that Messi didn't find the net. In the end, Jose Mourhino was powerless to change anything as his team was swept aside by a completely different standard. Barça are such an excellent team. Hopefully, they can take the fight to Real next year and win at the Bernabeu too, that'd be simply amazing.

Més que un club.
hahaha hilarious =)
this is what happend when u spend 500 mill on s**t !!
Real Madrid"s defense really sucked...
I didn't think they were that bad! Just because Barca's offence is some of the best doesn't make the other team's defence bad! Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Carvalho, and Marcelo have clearly performed better in other matches. Not sure about Casillas though, I don't really notice goalkeepers' forms!
I think Barca was so awesome!!! Btw, I love the new footytube gadget:
Ray Hudson is by far the best commentator you will ever listen to. Hes intelligent, informative and a "lyrical" genius.

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