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Neymar really is leaving to Psg. Wow, didn't see that coming
If he does is because he would want to be the main man. Can't see it happening though
It really is happening. Some very reliable Catalan sources say it's almost done
Sell him for 195m and use it to buy Mbappe and Verrati....He is no Messi or Ronaldo to categorized under irreplaceable's
Agree with Bazinga, he's not irreplaceable but the only thing is IMO he will be in a couple of years. But if instead of staying at a club like Barca and taking over Messi he chooses to go to a club like PSG in a league like Ligue 1 then bye Neymar.

We can use that money to get Verratti (although PSG won't sell him) and Mbappe/Dembele. Or we can get Dembele and Mbappe since Verratti probably won't leave after Neymar goes there.

If there is a time where Neymar has to choose between becoming the best player in the world and making history or making lots of $$ then the time is right now.
Apparently the Barca executives are not happy with his excessive party lifestyle.

If he is really being sold then we should use the money and get Coutinho, Veratti and Dyabala/Mbappe/Dembele.
I'm not sure what Neymar has been doing recently, but if it's true he's behaving like a diva, I hope we do sell him. And if we do, it'll be massive; €200+m.

Then it's time for Dybala and Veratti please! Dybala is arguably as good as Neymar anyway, and we all know Veratti's quality. Veratti's idol is Xavi and he has often said his dream is to be Xavi's heir at Barça.
His release clause is 222m. If he wants to leave he can f**k off for all I care. It could be that he's using the PSG interest to get a better contract but if he really wants to go, we should go for Mbappe and Veratti with the 222m we will get from his sale. If PSG can buy him them why isn't Mourinho going for him? I'm pretty sure united can find a way to make him the face of their club and offer him a lot more money than PSG.
Guys, we are not selling him. The rumor about the club being unhappy with his party style is not true. It seems his dad is the one pushing for this move since the man has had his assets frozen by the government. Neymar's dad approached Psg and signed a pre deal according to the Brazilian journalist who broke the story first.

222m is massive money. My concern is this board is absolutely clueless and will probably waste the money on average players like they did last summer.
If the partying rumours are true, then it almost feels like Déjà vu. I think that was one of the reasons Ronaldinho was let go.

However, the sources I've read are saying Barca are basically putting the ball in Neymar's court, it's entirely up to him.

Even if he somehow stays, the entire fiasco has done a lot of damage. He does this every summer, why keep him any longer?
good luck with trying to get veratti. They will be wanting 220m from you

and @Hikmat Barca has no say in this with a release clause being activated anyway
I love the overwhelming amount of love toward our player here. LOL
I would like our team get Osman dembele, I find he is better than mbappe. Two footed, amazing dribbler, great vision and much suited for our playing style.I don't think they would let verrati to come here, we rather sign seri then.

Either way knowing our board, we would buy cutincho for 100 m, paulincho for 40 m plus spend 60 m for Wilshire as well with the money we are about to get from psg,lol
@blackstyle88 I was going to say, now he's a villian because PSG bid on him and he might leave. smh. why do you guys feel entitled to his career? i doubt he'd leave barca, but so what if he wanted to? why would he deserve abuse?
^ I had seen lot of snake dimaria comments back then from man Utd fans, honest doubt, why did you so hard on them?did he deserves such? He wanted to move after all.more important why would you see any different here from your fans,lol.
@SIF__I personally think he won't leave, but even he does I don't blame him. He is a good player, not irreplaceable, but good enough to become a face of a team. In Barca, unlucky for him, we have the best player in history of football, so it's really impossible for him to get the spot lights he really deserves/wishes for. At the same time he is gonna make way more money than what he does he, so from financial perspective, it's a smart move to actually move to Paris and get all he wants.
So Danilo is actually being sold for 30m? Damn if it was us who bought him instead of Real we would've let him go for free just to make some space lol
DiMarzio says Psg will be activating Neymar's release clause of 220m . Hope it's not true.
Even if they do, can't see Neymar wanting to leave Barca for PSG.
PSG so mad about the 6-1 that they want to buy the guy who orchestrated it lol
I don't think any club will pay that kind of money for 1 player. At least not right now. The player price inflation isn't there yet.
a few reliable sources saying its happening

i say neymar is worth it considering how much lukaku and morata have been sold for
the price seems fair but why would Neymar go to a club like psg? It's like a Chinese club who offered 300m for Messi
Why are you comparing chinese club to PSG? So ignorant and funny cuz man utd are also at the same level as those chinese clubs now lol lots of money but zero football
Lmao u can't compare PSG or man utd ( as much as I dislike them) to a Chinese Club. These are 2 of the biggest clubs in the world that compete at the highest level for the biggest honors in club football. That's like comparing Messi to CR7 jk jk ;)
So you guys are getting mad because he's comparing PSG to the chinese clubs and then go on and compare United, who's the top 3 biggest clubs in the world and probably history, to Chinese clubs. Smart.
funny talk about ignorance coming from someone who might have to change his username after this window lol
I might change username, you changed teams lol from man utd to real...straight up glory hunter lol
Attack each other all you want lol but don't talk s**t about the clubs.
my team name isn't changed unless you have a 1/20 vision and can't read
And glory hunter ... wonder who you were supporting before Messi came around lol
I liked Bellerin but this guy is good
Considering the £50m for Walker City paid, this is an absolute steal for us.

Let's hope Semedo fits in well with the guys and is a proper long-term asset for the team.

This article makes me quite optimistic:

Especially this quote:
"Indeed, the once error-prone youngster didn't make one mistake that even led to a shot, let alone a goal."

His attacking play is excellent, but usually that comes at the cost of poor positioning, focus or overal defensive qualities. Apparently the same was true for Semedo, but he turned that around radically last season.

That mental aspect of the game, the insight in positional awareness and the resilience to change your style of play and come back from injuries, is the most important reason I think he's going to do well here.
yeah he's probably better on the ball than bellerin, not as fast but more technical and fast enough.
He is similar to Alves when he was at Sevilla right before we bought him. Alves was never a super fast RB but he had good ball control and could connect well with the CF's. Semedo seems to be good at dribbling through crowds and sends in accurate crosses. What remains to be seen is how well he manages to cover his flank in defense. Alves was quite good defensively between 2008 and 2012. It was only later on that he started exposing the right wing leaking goals continuously. Let's see if he's reliable in defense or not.
Alves in his heyday was pretty darn fast iirc. Semedo is too, just check the video you posted FFF :)
semedo is quick, but bellerin makes fast players look slow.

either way, my point was, he's quick enough but more talented on the ball. he makes bellerin look average going forward. semedo plays like a true midfielder/winger with the ball at his feet.
Alves was quicker when he was younger but his strength wasn't his pace. He is a smart player who can connect well with attacking players. I think Semedo is similar. Bellerin is lightning quick but I don't see him making intelligent moves like Alves did holding the ball and dribbling around a few players.
All this talk about Transfers In... who is Out!?
So No Verratti, No Bonucci, and no signing beside Semedo.
This doesn't look good.
We got Gérard who can switch between RW and LW so he can rest both Messi and Neymar. We got a new RB so Sergi can play in the middle too. I wouldn't mind another CB but I'm good with Marlon and Masche as back up.

But we absolutely need Verratti or someone just as good in the middle. Our weakest point wasn't our defense but our midfield last year. I would be thrilled with Gérard, Semedo and Verratti/someone just as good.
Seriously why are we so quiet in the transfer market. That Bonucci deal was very affordable for an amazing player. yeah he might be older but he still has a few years in his prime.
^ I don't think Bonucci wanted to leave Italy. If he wanted to, he would have left.

I think Barca have already made it clear who they are after, you guys got a RB and should continue to push for Verrarti. With Sergi Roberto free to return to MF, that should be like a new signing. Not sure who else you guys need. Maybe another LB because Digne ain't cutting it.
Bonucci is a great defender but it's not necessary he would have been a good barca fit. There are a lot of good defenders who play well for other teams but struggle in the Barça system.

We have Semedo with Vidal at RB, alba with Digne at LB, Pique and Umtiti with Mascherano and Marlon as back up. I think we need another cb option considering Marlon is still untested. A full month and a half of transfer season is remaining. Valverde might be able to pull Alvarez from Bilbao. If we get him for €30m, we will have Umtiti, Marlon, Alvarez, Semedo, Digne - all under 25 defenders. Even Alba and Vidal are 28 and 27 respectively. Pique can play the role that Puyol played in handing over the reigns to the youngsters as he gets older.

We have offers of €45m for Gomes and €35m for Sergi. We're still unsure about who's going to take over from Iniesta which is a bigger concern to me. In reckon, messi is going to move into the midfield and operate freely behind the front 3. We can't steal Veratti from psg. I think the current team with an additional cb is good to go considering we're close to signing Paulinho who can only join in January.
The only problem I see with Messi moving into the midfield is defensively we will be even weaker. Unless Neymar and our RW start defending more
Ajaxs young player, Nouri collapsed today in the field and has suffered a severe and permanent brain damage. My thoughts go out to him and his loved ones in this difficult time.
My heart sank when I read that, my god that is so terrible for a 20 year old kid. Life is just so cruel sometimes.

My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.
Just heard this now. How on Earth does that happen?

Hoping and praying for the best recovery possible.
Brain didnt have enough oxygen... such a sad development
I saw that video, it look a while after he collapsed for everyone to realize what was going on, and it took almost 5 minutes for the ambulance to arrive on the pitch
Wonder if they had administered help early, i could have helped him.
Seems it is permanent damage.. that kind of stuff can happen to anyone. There are medical tests that can maybe prevent it (like forecast a warning ) but even then the possibility of it going undetected is very high
I think it's time to have doctors and specialists at every football match. Health is something precious and seconds can define the life of a player!
This should be a serious issue.
Physios are doctors, no? he collapsed due to some heart issue. during the heart issue, his heart wasn't getting enough oxygen to his brain. the damage is permanent. The brain can only go without oxygen for a few minutes before tissue starts to die.

Sad to hear. it's 2017 and it's still not easy to diagnose and predict when a person's heart will stop or have problems. :( it's happening way too often in my opinion.
We have signed Nelson Semedo from Benfica . 30m € + 5m € in add-ons
Is he better than Bellerin ?
Way better
I will count on your words Tomi, and will hold you accountable if he comes out as a flop. lol jk
Bellerin? Lol, Palencia is better than Bellerin
Bellerin is overpriced and inconcistent
If anybody watched the U21 Euros, you could tell Bellerin is nothing but speed. He makes a couple of good runs but most of them don't result in anything. Our Sergi is way more creative going forward.

As for Semedo, he looks very good. If I'm not mistaken he was also linked with United. I hope we finalise the deal soon. He looks like a very promising RB.
Bellerin would have adapted to our playing style faster than the others. Thats what I think. But if there's a good end result for us or not is another topic.
Semedo is a nice transfer. Hope he delivers fast!
No he wouldn't have. Bellerin left masia at the age of 16 for money. He grew up playing PL style football. A player as good as fabregas couldn't fit in here. I have no doubts Bellerin would have been an absolute disaster . His footballing intelligence is 0
Vitinho is the new brazilian kid who's going to play in Barca B team.
For 12m € we can buy him
why get Vitinho, when Paulinho is in China for more than triple of that price. It doesnt even matter if they are different players, Paulinho is in the most competitive league in world football and is sooo much better than peasants like Veratti
James Rodriguez to Bayern München. Your thoughts?
BuLi title race will be even more *yawn* now.
I just hate it how the Bundesliga is now

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