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Friendly Thu, 26th Mar 2015
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Friendly Tue, 31st Mar 2015

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1 more fan to 1000! lets go. but f**k this s**t by FAS.

pro lions 12 and CYL. some of them dont deserve to wear the flag on the chest.
Today marks the start of suzuki cup 2014!Come on let's win it again Lions!
2 more fans to 1k fans! come on!
My treat on the pizzas
Only Singaporeans understands why we gag at CB. :)
Looking forward to the derby
they should just use lions 12 squad. really, i have never seen such biasness in the squad. even underperforming idiots are in the first 11. i believe it is not bernd stange who selects the team.
I agree with you,I have seen our team performing worse year after year in recent years.Srsly,the first 11 in the national team is just s**t,plain s**t.
bro the way our FAS is running, we are doomed for the next 10 years. things need to change. whole organization needs to change! where got such thing the whole talent is u23 from lions 12? even lions 12 not a development team if isa halim and khairul amri still there. look at harimau muda B at s.league, got overaged players? why our side need to have overaged players? obviously lions 12 is not a development team, but a glory team. CYL is not the best team in s.league, thats why need to put overage players. wanna save face is MSL.

we should focus on s.league, prime league, NFL sides. S.league and NFL to be privatised and not under some sort of registrar of societies which limits the chairman and the clubs ability to spend and invest and not having full control of the club. trust me, would you chair or become CEO if you cannot control 100% if the company? this is what our local clubs are facing. a player's union should be formed to protect and provide jobs and welfare for the players. no more 1 year contracts. alot of things needs to change. with zainudin on top, we are doomed.
HI GUYS. hahaha. im sorry. working so much, and only focus on arsenal. will dedicate more time here. :)
LOL.cant remember the last time I saw u and hopefully u still remember me :)
yeah bro remember you la bro.
6 MORE TO A THOUSAND and wow man,time really flies huh,been a month since I visited here.
I won't be around here in the near take care :)
awww man why :( im going to be alone now...*crying*
ohh think I know why,bcos of NS rite?
Yes :) I still read this page on weekends though haha
Happy new year, fellow Singaporean footytubers!
Hey I am back! Late but congrats to our Cubs for their bronze medal!
where've u been for the past weeks,welcome back dude!
I have been overseas for 3 weeks or so.

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