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Friendly Mon, 30th Mar 2015

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What happened to that Golden generation in the 90's?
they retired.
its win or bust for us on wednesday i hope the green falcons are up for it!
Who is the Saudi GK?? i always thought he was REALLY GOOD!
Waleed Abdullah he's ok i guess.
Hey Guys Congrats Green Falcons back again but we will not satisfied till we beat Omanian Dagger and Australian Kangaroo
tuesday lets have it!
You can win Oman but I don't think you can win Aussie :D
bring on thailand!
I'm sure that we will beat Thailand 3 - 1
What I told you Guys we face them in 18 match and we defeat them in 16 match
congrats on signing Rijkaard, i hope he does well and take the team to another level.
lets hope so mate.
Our players salary are too inflated and high!!! that's why they don't have an incentive to do great with the national team! they don't deserve their wages exept for Yasser who actually tried in the Asian cup.
I don't agree with you
this was an old comment brother lol, the current squad is different from the time I wrote the comment.
.i am very excited for afc asian cup. we drew you guys. im jordanian we also have japan the biggest threat to us all in the group, and syria is with us too. the huge game will be saudi vs japan and our group is defienately the most intresting. unfortunately us and syria are major underdogs. but we will be hoping, VIVA JORDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN and good luck arabs in the tournament.
we reached the final with a second string team lol well done
as we usually do in the Gulf cups :)...
well done ,our brothers

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