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Nigel de Jong ponders quitting Holland after Bert van Marwijk comments
Daniel Taylor - 3 years ago

Nigel de Jong is contemplating turning his back on international football after being dropped from the Holland squad as punishment for the challenge that left Newcastle United's Hatem Ben Arfa with a double break to his left leg.

De Jong missed the Euro 2012 qualifiers against Sweden and Moldova over the past week because the Holland coach, Bert van Marwijk, felt the Manchester City player had committed a "wild and unnecessary offence" during the 2-1 defeat of Newcastle two weekends ago.

Van Marwijk accused De Jong of playing with a combative style where he "needlessly looks to push the limit" and rang the midfielder to explain that he felt he had no alternative but to take a stand. De Jong was told he would be excluded for only two games but the 25-year-old feels so disillusioned he has not made up his mind whether he wants to return to the national team while Van Marwijk is in charge.

His belief is that Van Marwijk has used him to help deflect the criticism that was directed at the Dutch management for the team's abrasive style of play in the World Cup. De Jong maintains there was nothing wrong with a challenge over which Newcastle registered an official complaint with the Football Association, and he believes it was wrong in any case for the Dutch to take action against something that happened while he was playing for his club in England.

He has not aired his grievances publicly, largely because he is aware it would look insensitive at a time when Ben Arfa is facing such a long and distressing rehabilitation, but in private he has decided to see how things settle over the next few weeks before deciding whether he can work with Van Marwijk again. He has spent the international break training with the small group of City players not involved at that level and is described as surprised and disappointed about the level of criticism he has attracted, particularly in the Netherlands where it has dominated the news over the past 10 days.

De Jong's critics can cite the fact that he also broke the leg of the Bolton Wanderers midfielder Stuart Holden during a friendly international earlier this year against the United States and was culpable of the now-infamous challenge in the World Cup final in which he planted his studs into the chest of the Spanish player Xabi Alonso.

Ben Arfa is on loan to Newcastle from Marseille and the French club have threatened to take legal action. As for Ben Arfa, City were told last week that he did not want De Jong to visit him in hospital. Ben Arfa has since said that De Jong had never offered anyway and there is a degree of anger in Newcastle that the City player has still not expressed any public sympathy. De Jong, however, insists this is the right action and will continue to say nothing.

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Don't really think van Marrwijk had a choice with all the criticism De Jong was receiving. I personally don't think the challenge was as bad as people are making it out to be; there wasn't any intent to injure, and technically he won the ball fair, it was just the second leg coming in that he shouldn't have done, but it was a very aggressive challenge. There's also the fact that he's done it before, so clearly there is something wrong with his style of play. I think the fact that he broke his leg should be enough reason for punishment, but I don't think this much criticism is due. Hopefully he stays for Holland, he's a great player, just needs to be more careful with some of his challenges.
De Jong, I am a huge fan of you. I like your hard tackles, you go in 100% everytime. You try and win every ball. I respect you as a player, and dont think your tackle on Ben Arfa was malicious.
sounds more like you want to go on a date with him. how would you like it if i was playing in a pickup game with your friends and yourself and just started jump kicking people in the chest and broke a couple of legs, so would you befriend me b/c i "tackle hard" hell no you would try an jump me as you should. I love the dutch mainly b/c of bergkamp but if there are two players i hate more than anything it would be ruud(i cant score my own goals) nistlerooy and nigel de( i have no)dong. really your that biased.........
Haha, handsofstone, well said. There's a difference between playing 100% everytime and being completely reckless, which De Jong is. I would hate to play against him, for fear of broken limbs.
Wow, what can you expect from a Man U and Arsenal fan? Good thing Chelsea's going to end out on top inevitably!
KNVBKOP is entitled to his opinion guy's.. geesh you're acting as if he was happy that De Jong broke Ben Arfa's leg.
The worst thing about the de jong is the fact he is moaning about being dropped from the holland squad when he has sidelined ben arfa for 6 months, he has shown no remorse for his challenge and doesnt seem like that is going to change any time soon. There is a difference to tackling hard and going in to hurt some, the fact de jong won the ball then purposely followed through so maliciously on ben arfa just showed his intent to hurt him. He is a horrible person with an equally horrible attitude towards not only football but towards other footballers. He should be banned for the length of time ben arfa is out of action for, just to show not only him but other footballer (karl henry) that although it is a contact sport, there are guidelines.
The worst part about De Jong is that he doesn't even get it. It's not about this tackle - the point is that if you push the limit consistently like he does, you'll hurt people sooner or later. Maybe he didn't intend to injure Ben Arfa, but how can he miss the fact that if he stopped flailing his arms and boots around everytime he stepped onto the field, less people will get injured?
football is entertainment...
I feel bad for de jong
I do respect a combative attitude and fighting spirit on the pitch, and it's not friggin basketball, so go for the tackles. But de Jong is one of those players who blur the line between physical football and gratuitous harshness, and I think he should learn a lesson there. I haven't seen this one tackle, but I've seen lots by him, including of course the one against Alonso which was some of the dumbest sh#t ever pulled in a WC final.

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