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9 months ago
Nepal v Afghanistan
11 months ago
India v Nepal
12 months ago
Pakistan v Nepal
12 months ago
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3 years ago

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Friendly Wed, 25th Jun 2014
2 - 0
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It's lonely here. We should discuss Nepal footy more often.
I have more hope for nepal cricket team than football team.... We have long way to go in football.. I hope we do!!!!
Apparently, our scoring department was/is? not upto the mark :(

I am still proud of the team. Team Nepal, better luck next time!!
Lets Go Nepal. Lets do this. Lets beat those Afgans.
Nepalese national team looks solid at the moment :)
Midfield is not good, We cannot hold ball for even 30 secs. Defense was always good but this time Anil Gurung is doing good job up front. Last time, Afghanistan beat us, there cannot be any better opportunity than this to take revenge. Lets go, Nepal.
Semi finals here he come !
Hell Yeah, Next round.
Semi finals :) Historic moment in Nepal's Footy history. !
Not really, Last time also we played Afghanistan (I think) in semi and lost in extra time. This have to be our time. With home-ground and die-hard fans, we should beat them with ease.
let's cheer for Nepal

no, we just lose 2-0 to bangladesh!
Good game for us, hope this type of result becomes a norm for us :)

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