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AFC Cup - Wednesday 23rd April 16:30
Al Suwaiq  
  That Ras
League - Sunday 27th April 13:00
That Ras  
  Al Sareeh
League - Thursday 1st May 11:00
That Ras  
  J. Youth Club

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Eastern Wake News - 2 days ago
He encouraged me, when I was a walk-on for the football team at (North Carolina) State, that if I stayed on the team and gritted it out, I could make it. I was able to play ... They led the RAs (Royal Ambassadors) at Pilot Baptist for many years. They ...
Although Worth Courtyard houses several events throughout the relatively warm months — ranging from informal barbecues and football catches to the college's Worthstock event — perhaps no Worth Courtyard tradition has been more controversial than ...
- 6 days ago
Spanish football team Real Madrid last year dropped a licensing agreement it had for a $1 billion theme park in the lesser-developed UAE sheikdom of Ras Al Khaimah because of funding problems. The Spanish king will visit Kuwait next, and plans to ...
Rant Sports - 5 days ago
However, something clicked late and he played very good football in the final month. Milliner won AFC Defensive Rookie of the Month for December and AFC Defensive Player of the Week in Week 17, and now the Jets desperately need him to continue to ...
The Swazi Observer - 1 week ago
It was rather deplorable when SwaziBank PRO Phesheya Vilakati responded to the complaints, saying SwaziBank is not obliged to promote Swazi artists but rather Swazi football. Many felt that that statement was irresponsible because some of these local ...
Rant Sports - 1 week ago
Then there's the bench warmers Taylor Price, Ras-I Dowling, Bethel Johnson and Chad Jackson and the uncontrollable tandem of Brandon Meriweather and Pat Chung. Chung somehow managed to make his way back to the team because he comes cheap ...
People's World - 3 weeks ago
NLRB Chicago Regional Director Peter Sung Ohr said Northwestern's football players can hold a board-sanctioned election on whether to unionize with the College Athletic Players Association (CAPA), a fledgling union whom the Steel Workers back and ...
There were a couple RAs to each floor to make sure people weren't drinking or doing drugs in the dorms; they also were looked to for guidance (since they were all sophomores). Anyway, some of these events included being an actor in the Yuma Haunted ...
MENAFN.COM - 2 weeks ago
With six games to go in the OPL and the team also eyeing glory in the His Majesty's Cup football championship, Jadrane reiterated that keeping the team in good shape through all three competitions has been a concern all along. ''We know our opponents ...
Le Courrier de l'Eure - 16 hours ago
La première banderille est beaumontaise avec un débordement de Bachelot sur la gauche, son centre court à ras de terre étant mis en corner. La deuxième incursion, à la 17e, est l'œuvre de Benjamin Surget lancé plein centre, qui pénètre dans la surface ...
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