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just saw our game against prato and i hope it's just the effects of pre-season training and tired/heavy legs but didn't really get that excited about the season! vidic really carried himself well and i can see why some people called for him to be named captain, even though he struggled a bit but that could be the workload... and Maz has been talking about 'grit' and 'determination' but didn't see that in our game, although some of the talented players managed to shine, we're spoiled to have such a player like kova and m'vila showed some really nice touches, pusca and bonza looked like players to keep an eye out for in the future, as for the rest... obi looked non-agile as always but strains himself so much on the field that's it's no wonder he always manages to get himself injured... d'ambro and ranoch really need to be setting the bar high for this team and lead the way but it's clear why pranda cut them from his squad... juan and icardi can really make or break this team and we're fortunate we have herna and guarin that could take jonathan and kuz place in that team but i hope during the summer transfer we'll be able to find replacements for kuz (RM/DM?) and jonathan (RW/AM/ST?)... schello looked resigned to leaving the club and still looks like he feels the burn from last seasons pre-season, that's too bad as currently Jonathan is outshining him... still there is the usa tour and our europa leg qual...
did anyone get a wind of this kid firmino? looks like if if lamela and jovetic had a kid, he'd play like this kid! almost like ronaldinho-esque but just barely 1/10 of the legend and no wonder why his club has set such a high price tag on him!
If your talking about Roberto Frimino then yeah not surprised. He made quite the impact in the Bundesliga last season with 16 goals and 12 assists. Best player in Hoffenhiem last season.
amazing stats, i also saw the list of admirers! wonder if he is just a one season star or if he'll continue to get better
Ranocchia named the new captain of Inter Milan.
it won't be easy filling in capitanos shoes but ranoch has a whole new page to fill and make it his own, it's a privilege for him to captain this team, hope he does himself and the team proud!
Best signing of the yar : ALLEGRI to JUVe hahahahahahahahahahaha
Oh this is just sad even for Juve, after wining Serie A three times in a row then they get the gift of failure in Allegri.
I just cant wrap my head around that appointment. Unbelievable
Yayy. Welcome, M'villa.
Definitely better than Kuzmanovic, but still not a world class player imo...
A good signing in my eyes. With no national team call ups to worry about too.

Edit: Nevermind, I guess his national team ban was only temporary.
the fact that he took a pay cut and choice inter, aside from cambi gone and him being disillusioned with life in russia, puts him in a favourable light for me... if he'll have a successfull first season and be able to translate his commitment into his on-field display, we'll see... i think inter are after another midfield player, specially if we sell kuz and guarin...but i've only lately read about pereyra, granier and medel, still hoping ausi will be able to pull off another surprise as he did with m'vila..
Blackstyle. Hes a good upgrade though and has the potential to be a world beater.
We will see Dawich.We will see...I would just be happy to be proven wrong....
Tbh before he signed for Rubin Kazan he was a wanted man by many clubs when he was playing over at Rennes in Ligue 1 and was one hell of a player for France in the CDM position. His career took a pause after the ban from international football 2 years ago and he surprisingly signed for the Russian club and not much was heard of him since then. If he can regain that top level he was playing at 2 years ago then Inter have one talented player in their hands, he plays more like a deep-lying player maker role and his vision is excellent. His most defiantly an upgrade and the direction Inter should be going towards.

If Inter sell Kuz and Guarin for the good price then another MF player is coming in but I also wouldn't mind seeing Johnthan and Nagatomo be sent out the door to fund more money to get better players in the team. Who else do you guys want to see come to Inter Milan?
considering the team we already have and if we sell nago, jonathan, palacio and kuz, and we use the formation that's been talked about for this season, the 4-3-2-1 formation:


Alvarez/Botta - Kovacic/?

Hernanes/Obi/Laxalt - M'Vila/Krhin - Guarin/?

Juan/Dodo - Ranoch/Andreo - Vidic/Mbaye - D'Ambro/Schello

obviously, Laxalt and Mbaye would need more experience and their physic isn't quite there yet...

then it becomes clear we'd need an AM, DM, CB, CF but if we're smart we could combine the AM with CF and get a player that can play both as a second striker and as an AM... along with a unique DM who can play as a CB and CM (as long as his name isn't Medel)... but if we're talking fantasy football I'd root for Rojo and a DM that can play as a RM (maybe Song, or why not Diaby of Arsenal or Sissoko of Newcastle?)... as for attack, the dream would be Lamela however if we can land a cheap, unknown or a forgotten talent that can play as an AM and second striker, you won't see me complain about it... that kid Depay doesn't look half too bad, almost reminds me of Hulk... and Rabiot would be exciting to see at our team, I doubt he'd be of any immediate help but it'll probably depend on how much Maz can trust him and how hard he'll work for a spot...
I would try to strike a deal with Lavezzi tbh, although his going to be pricy and I highly doubt it would happen he would be a great addition. He can play as SS/Winger with lots of speed, skill and determination to score, him playing with Icardi would be one scary duo and guys such as Botta/Alvarez/Icardi would learn a lot from their Argentine senior. On the other hand I would highly recommended AM/Striker Ola Toivonen. By far one of the most underrated stars in Europe, his last two seasons before moving from PSV were hard considering his injuries but when in form and with a great MF supporting him with service would turn him into a goalscoring machine. With his height and hunger he would cause lots of problems to CBs opposition.

For DM/CB is a tougher situation. Although I don't understand why you don't like Medel. I mean he can do both jobs well and has done it for his national team and club. His certainly imo the kind of player you place in front of your defense. His quick, strong and reads the game well along with his attitude of showing no fear to take on anyone. In the world cup he beat a 6'4 Jo for a header while standing at a mere 5'7 and he did it a number of times. His drive and his ability to break plays up with his speed and strength would give guys like Herananes and M'Vila the freedom to drive forward and put in good service not only that he can play as a back up CB. I'd prefer him rather then John Obi Mikel because his got a lot more to offer to Inter the Obi Mikel. Not only that his not worth a lot of money atm and would be a steal signing for Inter while also making a move for a CM like Alex Song.

As for CB I thing it would be for the best. If Vidic whos injury prone or Ranoch every get knocked out for a while Inter could be in some trouble that's why I would prefer Inter move for a third CB that can rotate with Vidic or Ranoch to keep them freash consider Inter have Europa league so their schedule will be a lot tougher on heir legs. For me I would move for Kolas Monlas or Sebastian Coates. Monlas is getting lots of attention latley and could be harder to catch but if a deal comes through I'd say go for it considering not only would he be a good choice but he would challenge both CBs for a staring spot. Coates on the other hand hasn't lived up to the hype and has been struggling with injuries so he might come a cheaper deal. He has potential and passion but he needs minutes and if he gets to work with Vidic during training he would turn his career around for the better and his only 23 years old.

What you guys think?
i'm familiar with ola, he is no zlatan and compares more to michu but i wouldn't sacrifice him for palacio, he does have some talent but it'll be a gamble, much like it was with arnautovic and he could cause us the same headaches as bendtner is currently doing for arsenal fans...

as for medel, i like his type of players, much like how i actually appreciated gargano and mundi before he joined us or even edgar but with those players, once they run out of steam, that's it, as it was with edgar when he joined us after his spell in spain... i prefer dm's like viera and yaya toure, they still use their strength and position themselves well but they're not entirely depended on raw emotions... he did have a good world cup but how many games is that? and can he produce that type of performance consistenly throughout the season with us? he certainly didn't do that for cardiff and what of when there is more required of him other than breaking up games? i'd take mikel over him any time of the day, obi is very consistent and he is used to playing as a AM as he demonstrated with nigeria but his only fault is that he is so good at being efficient at the back, he never really takes any risks going forward and i doubt he'll change his style of play but if Maz can work with him and perhaps inspire him, which Mou has failed with, he could be of more use to us than medel... as for Song, he'd be a dream partner with M'Vila... but Song and Obi, both cost more and I'm sure they'll ask for more in salary but if they can give back as much as they're asking for, which i believe they're capable of and that inter can afford to pay them then both of them would better alternatives than medel to me... but also since we have M'Vila, Guarin and Krhin then we really don't need a DM we can instead go after another ball winning midfield player, a cheap talented midfield player, unless we don't only sell Kuz, Taider but also Guarin then perhaps a DM would be useful but at least an offensive DM...

at the back, coates is a very static type of player, reminds me of ranoch and perhaps why he is so good at headers! but if he can get in shape and stay injury free he could be useful back up and kolas? i can't comment on the guy...
You make a good point about Medel actually once his out of steam his done and it actually happened to him a lot in the PL. He plays with a lot of speed to the point he doesn't know how to reserve his energy and by the time it hits the 60-70 min his out because he covers so much unnecessary ground. Although you can't judge a weak side like Cardiff to the Chilean national team. When he plays for Chile compared to Cardiff his still the same player but in a different and better team, Cardiff sucked as a squad and theirs nothing he could have done about it to help them. His not just a destroyer he leads the team in counter attacks from a deep-lying role for Chile considering the amount of speed his possess. Although what I like about Obi Mikel is that he has the experience of playing at a top side and his more of a controlled player who knows what his doing and has played in much bigger competitions then Medel with lots of trophies to show for. Obi is sort of a silent killer who good at his job but does it effortlessly and I like his composure when he plays for Chelsea at that's something Medel struggles at. I see your point on why Mikel Obi would be a preferred choice.

Nevermind Kolas I think his going to pricey, if Inter land Mikel Obi and Song their not going to spend much again considering both players are going to cost more and demand more money. Coates would be a better option maybe a loan deal with an option to buy.

Lets see how it works out.
Land Obi and Song? is that even possible for this inter?! a midfield of M'Vila-Obi-Song? Maz would have a field day with his wingers! his stock of 4 wingers wouldn't even last! well Obi could be blamed for being lazy but you can't deny how effective he is, it bothers a lot of people how he could've lasted for such a long time at chelsea but he really is just that good at doing the bare minimum! after having won so much, it could work against him seeing he could be full on victories but if he'd be up for pay cut and put in a shift when it's required of him then he'd be a dream signing but inter getting only song would be more than enough, as long as he is also willing to sacrifice for this team, i can see why Maz would want another CB as it wouldn't be enough having a strong midfield if you don't have any adequate cover at the back... but i think we'll end up with medel (better than behrami at least and we won't be paying ludacris sum to napoli) and in the striking department either cerci-osvaldo or biabiany as last resort... then again, i didn't expect m'vila and dodo so we'll see!
Hahahaha Jebe has let Conte go. Vidal and Pogba will likely follow. The title race is wide open.
don't count juve out just yet, if they sold those two, imagen the cash they'll be able to ask for! and their management have been spot on lately with their signings of coach and players...

besides i think conte knew how hard this season could be... with roma, whom are gearing up for the cl and napoli being quite, perhaps even far too quite... adl has been saying he'll have a few surprises for their fans... and with viola likely to get a large sum after their sale of cuado, we could be in for a long season but it's hard to tell these things, it'll be easier to tell once teams settle after the start of the season... i think the main difference will be how well the big teams do against the lower teams and napoli has had few too many hiccups last season, i doubt they'll do that again and roma have a larger squad and are more familiar with their coach, milan are without any european commitments and viola will be desperate for a cl spot... inter just need to make sure not to fall off pace for third spot and not lose any points against teams that they can beat...
It is not just jebe, it is Rubentus with Allegri at the helm. I think the title race is wide open.
allegri won the scudetto with milan in his first season with them, he'll get a better team and has proven to be a capable coach... the only problem is him facing pirlo!
Silverstre is back...should we be happy?I think you know the answer...Sorry guys but i don't see this team accomplish anything this coming season...Our major signing are Vidic and M'Vila while no world class player are linked with us...
i kinda feel bad for silver, i still remember what zamp said about him after his transfer to inter! with thohir mentioning donkor and mbaye along with andreo... it looks like inter are planning on selling silver and campo... as for rolando, i'd prefer indi, can't believe they snapped him up! and i'm sure in the near future he'll command the same amount of tranfer fee as mangala... credit to ausi for getting those two, if Icardi is ready to carry the scoring burden of the long line of quality strikers inter has had in the past, then all that is missing is perhaps one more player but it'll depend on the tactical set up of Maz and the players that leave... with khrin, laxalt, obi and schello returning to the team and with question marks about subs taider, kuz and starters guarin, alvarez... it's a question of who'll remain and what players ausi can bring in to replace them... i just hope we don't under sell guarin and i'm not entirely excited about medel but i can see how good he'd be tactically for Maz... still i hope we can find an even better player than him and that'll satisfy Maz and be of use to inter in the future...
Glad to see we still got someone like you who follows all the news and detail about the team...Honestly the more I read the news the more I get disappointed because I dont see any big names linked to signing with Inter...It is just too frustrating to me, considering the fact that we don't have Zanetti, Cambiaso and Milito it's really annoying to see that we don't have equal replacement for them...
it's always nice to get excited about the team during the summer transfer frenzy as during the season, no matter the hype or talk... the result during the wkend is all that counts... zanetti came on the cheap, cambi on free transfer and milito in 15 mil deal, i think, i hope in the future we'll be able to mention other players in the same regards as those, with the same figures... both dodo and m'vila are brought to the club on agreements for future installments so i'm guessing inter doesn't have any money to spend right now, also we haven't officially yet sold any players, since it'll be tricky negotiating for other players and selling your own players to rise that money... at least the club are making steps in recruiting exciting players and we'll see if those investments pay off at the end of the season and hopefully they'll be able to add more players from there and continue to cut players that aren't keeping up with the pace or meet the needs of the club... i hope the current crop of players realise that they need to stop riding on the coats of the treble team and with them gone, it'll be Maz's job to get the best out of this current crop and for the players prove their worth on their own merits...
That's how Palacio could changed the destination of his team, but he missed the chance...
it's never easy coming off from the bench into a world cup final, even higuain missed his chance after starting it... unless your name is gotze and the argentine defence had fallen off pace with the german defence... nevertheless i think he faired well and can be proud of his contribution to the team... would've liked to see more of alvarez but i hope he comes back to the team and is more eager to take up space in inter and become more of a protaganist in the future for argentina
yeah hopefully Alavarez will step up and prove himself more because obviously Argentina had lack of play maker and by Losing Di Maria due to the injury they completely lost their attacking power and more significantly the connection between strikers and midfielders...About Palacio's performance I would say he did his best considering the fact that he almost played as midfielder whenever he got chance to play, however; i believe he got the chance to became their hero and he missed it....
What's the story with you guys picking up Dodô from Roam?
And on loan????
dodo has been a player of interest to inter long before he joined roma, there was an opportunity for him to join us after roma showed interest in peri but roma instead opted for cole and emanuel so inter took advantage of the fact of dodo being surplus at roma and him fitting into the tactics of WM, basically he filled in the room left by Wallace, another loane... and then of course you have the current financial state of serie A and fifas ffp...
with suarez officially signing for arsenal, i hope thohir targets pedro and makes him his big signing of the summer, credit to ausi for signing players on almost empty breifcase and promises of future payments but i'd take pedro over jojo specially since city are asking for something in the region of 25? i would guess... i really rate this kid higher than sanchez and neymar and if their was an opportunity, inter could bargain with barca and offer him a contract he is happy with, it would be awesome seeing him wear the inter shirt, can't believe he'll settle for the bench when he is capable of so much more!
One big name that's in his prime years would be a sweet thing for Thohir to do just to get the fans going and look forward too in the future. Thohir said loads of things and now its time to live up to those promises because that fans expect more form the future. If I was Thohir I would push for Pedro on a loan move possibly with an option to sign but I want Inter to go for what they want not what they can settle for.
Barca's board announced that Pedro is not for sale, so I dont think it will happen.
he is almost like the perfect sub, too bad that he'll settle for that role, then again there aren't that many clubs that could offer him that type of contract and environment as barca and he does get his chances... enough to include him into the spain set up, regular participation in the cl and the usual trophy or two of the season... still what a player!

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