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Gabigol should stay imo. His rusty and it still shows against Lyon but he really hasn't played many games but his ability his got potential. I like the fact that he can drop back and help build play from MF, rather than stay in the box waiting for chances to be create for him. He can get in MF can create chances himself. Spa shouldn't sell him and should give him more game time, I don't want this to turn into another Coutinho situation and sell him for pennies only to become a world beater elsewhere.
Lucas Lima? Seems like it will happen this time around. Not a bad move. A real number 10 with pace, skill and an overall good play-maker.

Inter are also looking to job on the Patrick Schik after he failed his medical for Juve. Very worrying sign and could seem unlikely but if its something that can get cleared up, he would be a wonderful signing.

Moves that could happen:
Arturo Vidal
Patrick Schik
Blade Keita
Lucas Lima
Serge Aurier (hopefully)
There are 2 non-eu spots right? how will that work with Lima, Dalbert and Aurier?!? I think Shick was dumped for Bernardeschi, 30 mil is a lot for young unproven striker, just consider Icardi went for about 11 mil, I think? Vidal is on the wrong side of 30 to go for anything larger than 30 mil and a contract bigger than 4-6 mil, as for Lima he'd be welcome but it takes awhile for players to adjust to Serie A, can Inter afford to wait on him with a huge gap on the left side left behind by Peri?
Really only 2 non-eu spots? Freaking hell. I'm just so jealous of Milan. 160mil and look at all the talent they bought, they whopped Bayern in pre-season 4-0 and their young players in attack look so good. Inter on the other hand spend close to 70mil on Joao Mario and Barbosoa, two players that don't even start every game, smh.
Calcan looks like a solid signing, albeit not a world class but still good from what I've seen, besides pre-season matches are nothing to go by with, not even the first official match of the season, I'd give it at least 8 games into the season before saying if it was even a 'good' start to the season... Milan looks good with Bon but their weak point will be in midfield, Kessie will have to carry a huge load, will see if the kid is up for it and they're missing a guaranteed 25-30 goals per season striker upfront... there is still one month to go and from what I understood of Sabs comments about Inter being in a second market, they are in a tussle with the big boys for those talent in that market... also the big teams will have to finish their shopping before Inter can find cheap bargains in their squad and that will probably be around by the end of the market or whenever an opportunity comes up...
PSG leave Aurier and Krych out of their pre-season squad.

Would love to bring both. Aurier is a quality RB and Krych is the kind of muscle Inter need in MF.

Also, Inter are rumored to have signed Keita Balde from Lazio. Looks like the Perisic replacement to me as its said that Perisic has left Inter training camp.
Keita isn't exactly a natural replacement for Peri but Spa did want more firepower upfront, he'll get that with Keita, he was prolific in his last few games for Lazio and if he can carry that form over to Inter, he can be a useful player but it's an anti-climax after being linked with Brandt and Di Maria... however if they can get all of those three players for 60 mil and sell Peri for 55, it'll be a genius move, after all the squad has been on 'reconstruction' since Mancini's days and should only need a couple of players to satisfy Spa before rewarding him with other players if they make CL...
I doubt Inter will get firepower like Brandt or Di Maria. If Inter want to spend, get some strong MFs in the middle, spend in that position, Inter can find an attacking RW for a decent price that can contribute goals. Despite being 30, I would not mind seeing Ben Arfa at Inter, goals and assist. His quality is and Emery really screwed him over by benching him all season because " he over dribbles" but the guy is one of the best dribblers in world football today. Inter lacks someone with some flair in their football, a player capable of dragging 2-3 players to him to open up space for teammates. Can play him on the right or as a n10, either way the man is very dangerous on the ball.
In midfield they've been linked with players varying from Vidal to Vecino! and Kroos somewhere inbetween, even Kova of late, I've given up on Veratti and Keita because if Barca and Liverpool are having difficult with them, I don't even wanna imagen how Inter are fairing... but I have trust in this management, after all it was Saba that sold Dodo to Inter and signed Digne that went on to play for Barca and Dodo now struggling with form at Samp also usually by now they sell their 'star' players for peanut money and over purchase average players but they've handled their FFP restrictions smart and are pressuring Man U, rightly so because it'll be expensively for Inter to let Peri go on the cheap, mainly due to the cost of players nowadays and what he means to the team on technical and personal level...
Milan sign Bonucci! (⊙_◎)

God damn, Milan are not kidding! In one window they showed the Inter ownership how you invest big money.
He is 30 years old, commands a huge contract in the region of 6 mil and Juve already have Rugani and Caldara lined up along with Barzagli and Chiel still at the club with Benatia as backup, they're more than covered to replace him and not to mention he went for 40 mil! consider Ranoch arrived for 20 to Inter and will be leaving for 5 mil this summer... I'll be also curious to see how they'll field Romag and Musach alongside their new signing that will hold up at most 2 more years before feeling the fatigue of age and younger more fit Strikers coming up against him...
Jojo could leave to Sevilla for 12mil

Perisic could stay but looking at the team photo picture that came out, he doesn't seem to keen to stay. Considering the big names linked with Inter, Perisic will need to so sold to make up some funds.

Loads of names being thrown around, most ideal would be 60 mil for Manolas and Nain, at one point that money would've considered too much and even by some too generous! I'm thinking about the cost of Milito and T. Motta from Genoa for a mere 30 mil! Then the usual suspects of transfers such as Lamela again and even L. Lima, that has a contract running out but I'm mostly surprised by Bonucci to Milan?!? WHAT? Also a little disssapointed we missed out on Keita, as he is younger than Nain and I don't think you should pay over 50 Mil for a player you know will have a market value halved by next year if they don't perform as usual and even if they did their value would still decrease by default of age...
What big names? I barely see any news about our targets. NONE!
Its going to drag, lets see who Inter can pick up. Keita ain't leaving UCL bound Leipzig for Inter, who aren't even in Europa League.

If Perisic leaves, Inter could get Martial on loan if rumors are true.
There has been a couple of names including Di Maria and before that J. Rodriguez, Inter just can't compete with the likes of Bayern or even Liverpool, not when they don't offer the same platform as those teams or aesthetics in the form of players, fans, stadium and environment or other factors that convince players to join up with them, take for instance Manchester and compare it to a city like Milano?... Also with Bonucci joining Milan, perhaps it wouldn't be a huge stretch to get Vidal now that he is over the 30 mark?

Was surprised by how much Martial went for, it was out of the blue and it was the first time I heard of the player, Martial was going to become the new T. Henry but with Mbappe emerging into the scene after their CL run, you'd have to wonder if they overpaid for him, Martial is still a good player but I don't think he has found his position on the field as of yet as he hasn't matured into regular player yet for Man U or France but he is only 21, a gamble but I doubt Man U will release him for Peri, I think they're just using him to get Man U to include Darmian into the deal...
Would take Darmian but Mou loves his defensive players. Letting go of a FB that puts in a shift in defensive would be surprising. Especially considering Luke Shaw is struggling to return, Darmian at this point is there first choice LB.
eitherway, 55 mil is a hefty sum and if Man U can dish up that much, all the better, I'd take Aurier as RB and hope they invest that money into a player like Keita and not splash 60 mil on Nain, another player nearing 30 soon...
Rumors, Gary Medel is going to be sold for 5mil to a Turkish club. Also with Inter settling the FFP sanction, the club won't be rushed to sell Perisic.

I really hope the Medel rumor is b.s. I really like the Medel, thought Spa would like him as well, considering he can play at the back or in DM. Could be just rumors but I don't want to see him go. As for Perisic, with the price other players are going for in this inflated market, hanging on to Perisic isn't such a bad thing.


Also were after favorites for Nice LB and Brazilian Dalbert Henrique. A starter for Nice. Don't know how many have seen him play but when I did watch Nice (cuz of Balotelli), he caught my eye. His quick as hell and brings that Brazilian flair. The type of FB that isn't afraid to attack from the flank or cut inside and dribble his way in.

Also, Inter are closing in for another Brazilian, striker Luan. I'm a bit skeptical about this move, he doesn't really have an impressive scoring record and tbh, Barbosa hasn't been given much time, don't know about bringing in another Brazilian. Although I've never seen him play, don't know what his capable of.
I wasn't expecting Skriniar but he is a welcome addition and with the window just opening up, it'll come down to the wire for us fans to tell who is coming and who is going... but yeah I've read names like Handa, Peri and Kondo being all up for sale and with Spa using Fazio, Rudiger, Manolas as CBs back at Roma, it's easy to tell how he likes his CBs... not to mention going after Valero for DM? Medel's time at the club is on a countdown...

Dalbert has speed! any genius can figure that out but if you take that away from him? you'd wish he was similar to Sandro but he lacks strength and kinda reminds me of Dani Alves in his playing style but lacks that composer before that final ball, he isn't a finished product but if he can learn to play off-the-ball and was equally good with both feet, he'd be a really good purchase... Luan looks like your classical AM as he looks so comfortable on the ball with the vids I've seen of him and doesn't look really Serie A ready but I can't think of any Brazilian striker similar to him! if only his shooting was better, he'd make a solid target man....

talking about LBs, why not go after De Sciglio? that kid has immense talent and only needs to adapt the mentality of playing DM or CB role to really take his game to the next level as he sometimes fades away from games by hugging the byline too much...

talking about inflated prices, Naby Keita looks like a solid player, this is the first time I've heard of him and from the reviews and vids that I've seen it's easy to tell why his price tag is rumoured to be close to 60-80 mil but you gotta love how easy his football is on the eyes! would love to see him play full 90 min just to get a good appreciation of his play...
Spa will certainly going for big changes and also brining in loads of youth players as well, havng offloaded quite a large sum.

As for Dalbert, I think his a great investment. His still raw but will developed over time, guys like Sandro didn't become the player he was early in his career, took him time and patience at Porto. As for De Sciglo, his Juve bound. His not interested with Inter. In a way it makes sense, if his going to another club, its gotta be a club that's doing better than Inter at the moment. If not he would have stayed at Milan.

I love Naby Keita, his well rounded in so many areas on the field but seems like Liverpool are going to break the bank to get him and having watched him with Leipzig, its easy to see why, he can so much in MF, its pretty amazing. Leipzig got a gem, not to mention his only 22 years old.
that's too bad about De Scig, i really rate the kid! just a bit unlucky with his run at Milan, almost the same as Ranoch, too much blame to shoulder as not so many players came out looking good these past seasons in both teams... but Juve again? last year it was Dybala and now Shick and lately I've been reading about Bernadeschi opting for them also... that's too bad but if Peri is United bound, it'll be interesting too see whom they'll bring in, read about Di Maria, Costa to Lucas but with Costa it can be another Shaqiri incident and think about how hard it'll be to sell him on if he flops at Inter for that sum of 50! Lucas seems resigned to being just a backup at PSG, won't contribute much at Inter for that matter, whilst Di Maria is good but not that good enough to carry a team on their shoulder but than again his resume speaks for him.... still Spa had De Rossi, Nain and Stroot at Roma, it'll be interesting how they'll shape up that midfield, fix that lack of goal scoring upfront, costing extra points and Inters downfall in late season with a leaky defence....
Yeah I don't see Costa making a big difference either. For the asking price, his way to inconsistent to demand such a fee. Lucas should have left PSG a long time ago and I don't see him leaving. Di Maria is intriguing because he still top quality but the price and the wages will be simply too much. At 29 years old, would rather have us pay 45-50mil on Bernardeschi than Di Maria.

With Spa already getting a CB in, we need another a quality LB to get us going. I think Rannocchia will stay as Spa will probably want to keep a player who's been with Inter for so long. I don't mind seeing him get another shot, he honestly did pretty well at Hull for the short spell. I hope he found some confidence to bring back with him as the criticism has been tough on him.

In MF, still a lot of sorting out. Where does Kondo and Brozos future lie? With Medel heading to an exit and Valero joining, Inter need more muscle and strength in MF. I know its a long shot but Krych is a great option, might be expensive but his the sort of muscle the team could really use.

As for attack. Spa likes his three men up top, two outside forwards on the wings with goals in them. With Perisic going, Joao Mario is good on the wing as well but don't know as an outside forward. Spa has El Sharaway and Salah, so no surprise the likes of Di Maria, Lucas and Costa are linked with us. Don't know what Spa is going to do in that position. Although Spa did say he will want to play a 4-2-3-1 formation as well. Lets see how it plays out.
Douglas seems closes to Juve which I hope means Juve have given up on Berna and he choices Inter, as for the second wideman I wouldn't mind seeing Julian Brandt! both of them updfront could be an interesting combination, I'd even sell Candreva to land both of those players! as for widemen Dalbert has been linked but I'm excited about Aurier, hope he takes a wage cut and comes to enjoy life at Milano, as for muscles in midfield it's a big question Valero seems to be given the green light whom else is to come, is anyones guess as I'd would've never linked him to Inter but the Viola seem to have a wholesale of their players along with Roma! with only Napoli resisting and not buying anyone as of yet!
Dalbert and Aurier at the FB roles, Brandt and Berna at the wings, that would be so exciting to watch as they all have skill and pace to add. Something Inter lacks. Although Spa might lean towards experience and with him opting for a 4-2-3-1, Inter lack a n10 as well. So many areas to fix, what a freaking headache!
AM? no wonder I read about Pastore! was wondering why Inter were being linked with him! for me the dream would be Coutinho and I think Erikssen of Spurs is hugely underrated but pure gold! however if Spa is after experience the best option would be Papu Gomez, Atalanta won't let him go in cheap, even if he is nearing 30 and I'd even say Keita but I know Lazio will be even more desperate to keep hold of a player whose contract runs out next year, the third option is Berardi, not proven AM but easily gets a couple of goals and assists per season, can perhaps be molded into that role but I doubt Spa will get the outcome he'd like...
Spa will certainly have to settle because Inter can't attract everyone. Look at Milan, they opted to invest in youth players, many of their new signings are 25 years old or under. Spa will need to address where he will spend heavily in, hard to say unless Inter bags a couple of bargain buys in MF but with this market, your really forced to look hard.
With Di Maria and Nain being few of the big names linked with Inter, you do get the feeling Inter can only bring in one big signing after they sell Peri and with Kondo and Brozo unlikely to leave in a big sale, they might retain them one more season and hope they have a breakthrough as they've showed glimpses of their class but not enough to fetch a large sum as Peri... Inter are being hurt by their reputation since their treble, no one wants to part of a team that has failed to even qualify for CL.... and those that do are looking at Inter as great opportunity for them to be displayed at the Window for bigger clubs to do window shopping...
So our first signing at the back will be Polish and Sampdoria CB Milan Skriniar. The fee is rumored to be 25mil which is too much for a 22 year old CB but from what I've seen from him with Samp and the U21, his a very tough CB that isn't afraid to get physical and standing at 6'2, his strong and very good in 1v1 situations. Hopefully the fee isn't accurate because its quite a lot.
I read 30 for him! plus the fees for Valero and Coulibaly totaling to almost 45 Mil! not to mention the latest fees suggested about the two teenagers at Genoa for a combined 60 mil, they're already up to 100 mil! also the 75 paid for Joao and Gabigol from last year... you can't say Suning doesn't invest but it leaves a lot to be asked about how they spend it! as for Skrini, don't know about his weaknesses but he looked strong in the game I saw him come up against Inter with Samp....
^ Exactly, I really hope its not true about the teenagers. Wtf are we paying 60mil for when we could buy two top quality players with that kind of money. Heck most top clubs in the PL would never pay 60mil for a 15 and 16 year old.

The club doesn't need to invest for the future, the club needs players that can contribute and get them top finish top 3 now.
read somwhere Skrini was part of a deal that saw Inter settle their FFP sanctions and make a profit of 30, a large part of it was selling Caprari to Samp and they somehow managed to land Skrini in that deal, not bad when you consider they had to make up 30 mil to begin with... they've also sold a bunch of youngsters so I guess it's only right they replace them with new ones as their youth team have been doing really well, better than the first team so if they can cash in on that as other teams do with their youngsters, thinking about Sassu and Atalanta of lately, then why not? also Balo were once a youngster brought to the club from another club and he was sold for a nice sum... sometimes you get lucky with those kids and they turn out to become world class, not all of them but with the right investment some clubs can pay up to 25 mil for them!...
I suppose but 60mil is quite a lot, I do hope the fee is smaller than that. On the other hand Spalleti objective is to get the team to 3rd place atm. His going to need more than a few youngsters to pull it off.
Looks like Mamadou Coulibaly will be our first signing. Still only 18 years old and was quite impressive for Pescara. A CM that been compared to Pogba, his skills on the ball is something and has a good range in passing. Can't believe his just only just played his first season in Serie A. Still pretty raw and needs work but I can see him doing well under Spa.

Rumors are, Inter plans on getting on pushing for Matija Nastasic from Schalke who plays in CB. Once played for City, I never wanted to see him go and Borja Valero from Viola.
Never noticed Coulibaly before but if you could fuse Coulibaly and Velero, that'll make an awesome player that comes close to Busquet and Javi M. style but one is inexperienced and the other has never had physic or speed on his side and is now 33!... I mean I do rate Valero and he has been compared to Pirlo but Pirlo had a Juve team made up of Vidal, Pogba, Bonucci and Chiel and others protecting him, Valero won't come close with this Inter but Valero compared to Medel? I can see why Spa would be desperate to have him instead as he is good at setting up play from the back and spreading it outwide quickly, in all honesty Brozo can also do that but it'll take a lot to get him to peform to that level, even Pioli enjoyed a good spell with him but again not consistent enough... I remember Nasta, was brought over with Kompany and lost out on that battle, last I remember of him was that he reminded me of having the same style as Vermaelen and haven't followed him since he left BPL....
Spa is angeling for a brand new MF. I can see Broz and Banega being sold. Banega is inconsistent and so is Brozo, if the right price comes for both, sell them. I do hope one more holding MF can join as well.
eitherway it'll be interesting summer as you'd have a director and a coach that knows each other well and owner that are willing to spend on the market coupled with some unfavourable obstacles such as the team being outside CL and Fifa sanctions but Inter really don't have anything to lose in this market and what you need is a solid base as Bayern, Barca, Man U and Real does or rich finansiers as with City and PSG, Inter aren't really any of those but let's see how they act after sanctions have been removed from them and how much Suning are willing to invest...


talking about DM, was just watching U21 game between Italy and Spain and that kid Marcos Llorente! is almost relentless as Medel but 10x better with the ball at his feet, doesn't contribute much with pass but that speed! almost like a modern CB, if he continues to develop at that rate, he'll be big!
So many good young u21. Conti of Atlanta is a beast, Caldara is another top young quality CB, along with Rugani and Romagnoli. They are the future of Italy. As for Spain, the list goes on and one from Dani Ceballos, Bellerin, Sual, Asensio, Ramirez, Delafeou etc.
Conti stil has some way to go compared to for example Bellerin but if Conti can get some experience under his belt and settle into his role, he can be a formidable WB and it does help that he grabs goals occasionally but for Llorente, was really surprised to see him play with that level of maturity of no nonsense and clean tackles! really impressive but Asensio also has a long way to go and his decision making isn't up to mark with his ability on the ball but it's evident he also has talent and room for improvements...
Wishful thinking but hopefully we can land Douglas Costa and Bernardeschi. Spalletti likes outside forwards that can contribute goals, in fact the two wingers and two Fbs will be essential to his style. He constantly changes his formation. So were going to need versatile players.

My Wishlist:
Bernadeschi (RW,SS)
Douglas Costa (RW, LW)
Grzegorz Krychowiak (DM)
Samir Santos (LB, CB)
Rudgier (CB, RB)
Isn't Costa close to Juve? even with Viola pushing 50 mil for Berna? not to mention Krychowiaks salary, as he is a PSG player? Inter will be in a difficult position to negotiate for good deals, specially after they've been taken to the laundry and back in their Joao and Barbosa deals... for me Joao works best as a winger and with Candreva in the team, you really need one more pure winger to replace Peri and preferably a SS to replace Palacio.... it's quite evident with the LB position, really disappointed with Ansaldi as he was solid for Genoa and hasn't really delivered for Inter, came short in so many of his games not to mention all his reckless last ditch tackles that cost Inter a man in the game... then you have the mystery of Brozo and Kondo that can't string together two or three solid games together and Icardi sitting with the captain armband and not having anyone competing with him for a spot...
Idk how Spalletti will view this problem but Inter lack goalscorers and have for some time now. Icardi has the burden of scoring all the time, his done a great job but we need outside wingers that can score goals. Considering Spalletti had Salah and El Shawaway, his going to want wingers with goals and pace to stretch teams. Idk how many SS are in the market but Berna is worth the money, he can play RW and SS with goals to contribute. I would sign him or even offer a player + cash deal to Viola.

All the problems won't be solve in one window but I do hope Inter can sort something out. I know some player will have to be sold but I want to see at least 2 players come in for the attack and 2 players at the back. I don't know what's worse our choices up top or a back line that can't keep their sh*t together.
the defence did well under Mancini and it's relatively still the same line up but they flopped after the second half season and their attack wasn't good to begin with as they drew a lot of games but the season after they went after wide men and finally ended up with Candreva and Napoli but the team is lacking balance as it was evident with how De Boer and Pioli both struggled with the squad... perhaps I'm demanding much from Spa and expecting much from him but this team has been in the building phase since Rafa era and it's evident by how that has worked out from the players still left after his stint...
Spa has so much work ahead of him. The summer games will give us a better picture of the team his looking to build. We have a good mix but its time to balance it out and sell some players.

Hard to tell who stays and goes but I do hope at least 3 players come in. A CB, DM and a LW.
Milan are killing it in the window. Musacchio (CB), Ricardo Rodriguez (LB), Kiesse (CM) and possibly Blade Keita (LW) and Andrea Conti (RB). Rumors about Davy Klaassen of Ajax (CAM). Not to mention their getting these players for good prices as well. That's how you spend well.
Meanwhile we got Spalletti...
Didn't Fass and Mira work at Inter and how come they didn't pull of these kinda of moves there?! in all honesty, I only envy Musac from that list, haven't seen Klaasen play and I'm a bit surprised by the rumours linking Keita to Juve and other big teams in europe as the only player that I'm currently rating at Lazio is Sergej Milinkovic-Savic... there is much left of the window and if Inter didn't throw away those 6 games, the table would've shown a lot clearer picture of the squad depth between Milan and Inter, even with those players, I doubt Milan will be able to compete for 3rd spot but than again, Italy are notorious for different teams in top 3-6 each season...
Milan have a plan and are making moves, can't fault them. They watched us spend and well, can't say we improved that much. Time will tell if they go anywhere but their looking promosing.

I'm excited about Spalletti, his got a great track record and I hope the management aren't stupid enough to sack him in 6 months time. Although he has his work cut out for him. We'll have to get rid of so many just to make some signing and that's IF they want to join Inter. Either way I think Spalletti will bring in the right players.
At least no player is going to coat tail on Inters success anymore, you'd look stupid if you talk about Inters treble when they haven't been in the CL for almost 6 years! in all honesty, they only need a a core set of quality players and a good run in Serie A to have a good season, just look at Atalanta and Lazio that many left for dead in the beginning of the season and if Spa took it on him to leave Roma and come to Inter, he must be either mad or there was bad blood and he jumped ship as soon as Inter came knocking, question is if he is there just for the ride or he genuinly believes he can be successful where coaches like Rafa, Gasp, Mancini and all others after Mou has failed?!?
I don't think Spalletti wants to ruin his good track record. His here to get sh*t done and I can't blame him for it. If any manager coming in takes Inter back to UCl, he will be freaking hero to the fans.

I'm hearing Spalletti will try to bring in some of his Roma players. Antonio Rudgier being on of the them at the back. I except Spalletti to go for more versatile players considering his change of style and formation during games, he will demand players that can switch and play different roles.

The hope he brings up a couple of primavera players with him.
I remember reading about how Inter were linked to Rudiger at one point before he decided to join up with Roma, even Brandt another german player seems like a good player, looks slow and overweight but his acceleration and pace is immense and not to mention his ball control, the fact that he doesn't look so selfish on the video clips I've seen of him, makes him also look like a good team player... not sure why Roma would let their players go on the cheap but we've always done pretty good business with them, still remember Chivu and Samuel... however, I did read that some players found difficulties negotiating with the club for an improved contract and you never read about them breaking the bank to sign a player whilst making huge profits on some of the sales that they make... let's hope Saba was the man behind that magic...

saw a couple of highlight of under 18 win their league and their goalkeeper didn't look half bad! considering they had Palacio, Bia, Nago and Santon that didn't play that much and are on huge contracts, it wouldn't hurt having some prima getting that chance whilst working on improving their interrogation in to the team in the long run and giving them chances on the field as much as possible...
Spalletti needs a solid foundation first, that's why he needs to nail his signings to the bone.

If looking at the team position by position. I would say:

Defense: Still needs work. Possibly two CBs, and a starting LB.

MF: It has to be sorted. Gagli is the future, needs a defensive partner with him. I'll be interested to see what Spalletti would do with Brzo, Kondo, Bangea, Joao Mario etc.

FW: Icardi the only confirmed starter. Don't know where things stand with Barbosa. Perisic is gone. I would love to see 2 new players coming in, capable of playing as wide forwards that can contribute goals.

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4 months ago
José Mourinho has said he is a more mature manager than he was at the start of his career
Internazionale deliver seven good reasons to dream of Champions League
4 months ago
Juventus’s last-gasp win over Milan all-but settled the title but the race is on for a top-three spot and Inter’s 7-1 destruction of Atalanta gives them reason to believe
Antonio Conte eyes long Chelsea future though family absence fuels Inter talk
4 months ago
Chelsea manager Antonio Conte dismissed rumours of him being approached about a return to Serie A when insisting he was ‘trying to build something important with the club’
Football transfer rumours: Inter or PSG to sign Agüero? Yakubu to Coventry?
5 months ago
Pierre-Émerick Aubameyang to replace Sergio Agüero? | Marco Asensio to Manchester United? | Andrew Robertson to Liverpool?
Juan Cuadrado gets his groove back as Juventus dance past Internazionale
5 months ago
The Colombian winger continued his knack for scoring at the right time for Juventus, with his first league goal for nine months earning victory over in-form Inter
Stefano Pioli strikes the right balance as Internazionale threaten the leading pack
5 months ago
Inter have made slow and steady progress under Pioli and Juventus would be unwise to underestimate Serie A’s form team when they meet on Sunday
Atalanta captain Papu Gómez leads by example as his club let young talent go
6 months ago
The 28-year-old Atalanta captain sported another unusual armband and led his younger team-mates to a big win at Chievo after a week of off-field upheaval
Liverpool prepared to let Lucas Leiva join Internazionale on loan
7 months ago
Liverpool are prepared to let Lucas Leiva join Inter on loan for the rest of the season
Milan 2-2 Internazionale: Serie A – as it happened!
8 months ago
Minute-by-minute report: Milan led twice thanks to Suso despite being second best for long spells but were denied the victory by Ivan Perisic’s injury-time equaliser from a corner
Southampton sink Inter thanks to Yuto Nagatomo own goal
8 months ago
Yuto Nagatomo scored an own goal after Virgil van Dijk’s second-half strike to give Southampton a 2-1 home win against Internazionale
Southampton 2-1 Internazionale: Europa League – as it happened
8 months ago
Minute-by-minute report: Southampton came from behind to record a deserved victory over a managerless and out-of-sorts Internazionale, despite missing a first-half penalty
Internazionale sack head coach Frank de Boer after two months in charge
8 months ago
The Dutchman lost seven of 14 games while in charge at the Italian club
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