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Is there anybody here who's still nervous about relegation for Atalanta
Why are you guys -6 to start the campaign?
Because our captain Doni (and defender Manfredini, now acquitted) have been accused of fixing two matches during the last season in Serie B.
There is no evidence whatsoever of their involvement, still the team has been given -6 points for "indirect liability".
The trial is still ongoing, so I hope in the end justice will prevail.
Sounds crazy? This is Italy..

OKcomputer, Azher
Thanks, we will fight tooth and nail to stay where we belong! Good luck to you too!
welcome back! it's been a long time. You guys have plenty of football to stay in Serie A. best of luck!
see u guys in serie A
Doing well in 2010, keep going on 2011 and will see you guys in Serie A
sometimes fighting to stay in the first division is the same as winning the league...

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