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Transfer updates:

- Bonucci has officially been revealed as a Milan player. We paid 42m for him, but with De Sciglio moving to Juventus for 12m, we essentially got him for 30m. Bargain. His contract runs through 2022 and he'll be making 8.5m a season, the highest paid player in Italy.

- As said, De Sciglio officially moves to Juventus for 12m. Good business seeing as his contract would've ended next summer and was not wanting to renew. I hope he does fulfill his potential though.

- We're still in the market for a top name striker, with the three biggest targets being Aubameyang, Moratta, and Belotti. Moratta has officially moved to Chelsea for 60m, while Aubaemyang has been taken off the market by Dortmund unless an offer for 100m comes in, leaving us with Belotti and potentially some other unnamed targets.

- Belotti has been pushing for a move to Milan, his childhood club, and Milan are trying to bring him, despite Torino's demand for 100m. Milan's latest offer has been 60m + Niang + Paletta, which should amount to about 75m. I think it's smart Milan trying to negotiate instead of meeting their demands, and the offer they've put up seems like a good deal for all parties involved. Time will tell if Torino will accept...

- If Milan fail to bring a top name striker, the alternative is believed to be Kalinic from Fiorentina, who's currently on standby for Milan after announcing his want to move to Milan.
If you guys get Belotti this would top it as the best transfer this summer. Hell I would already say it is but Belotti would be the icing on the cake. With him you can really challenge Juve.

Exciting times ahead.
Lucas Biglia forgets he's signed for A.C. Milan 😳😳😳
Says 'Forza S.S. Lazio' 😂😂😂
Fans were 😡😡😡
Is this a dream? Can't stop smiling right now !
Same, man... Same
Transfer updates again...

- Andrea Conti has finally signed! After what seemed like the longest saga ever, especially under this new management. We signed him for roughly 20m, which includes the sales of Luca Vido & Matteo Pessina from our youth academies, although there are rumored buy-back clauses and sell-on fees.

- Haven't spoke much about players leaving (due to all the excitement of new players) but Kucka has also officially left for 4m to Trabzonspor. Thanks Kucka for everything, really did appreciate what you gave to Milan the past two years! Shame you won't get to enjoy the spoils of the new Milan though...

- Other sales include Diego Lopez to Espanyol for 1m and Andrea Poli on a free to Bologna. Lapadula also agreed on a loan to Genoa. The loan will cost them 2m with an option to buy for 11m. Loved Lapadula's energy and enthusiasm, but he's close to his prime and needs all the minutes to compete for a spot on the World Cup roster. Best of luck Lapa, hope you come back some day though!

- And finally, the BIG kicker, Bonucci has practically agreed to a move to Milan! Milan is willing to match the 40m fee Juventus is demanding, while also potentially selling De Sciglio for 15m to them, so basically be like we bought him for 25m! A top 3 CB in the world! Magnificent job by the management; they really aren't f*****g around, are they!? We strengthening our defense TREMENDOUSLY while weakening Juve as well! Gotta love it! No offense to Roma or Napoli, but they were never gonna compete for the Scudetto... this season we're really gonna give Juve a run for their money!
Wow! So good to see Milan buying top players again
More transfer updates:

- Fabio Borini signed from Sunderland for 6m. He's expected to be a deep rotational player who can play either the striker position or on the wings if needed. Honestly, he's on the squad for depth; at most would be 3rd option striker. It's an okay deal despite him being in awful form the past couple of years.

- Calhanoglu signs from Bayer Leverkusen for 20m plus bonuses. Seems to be a great deal on the surface, but I don't know too much about him to make any comment on it. Only know him from his free kicks. If anything, this deal seems to remind me when Honda joined, who was also a creative trequartista and a FK specialist, and we know how that turned out...
Still though, Calhanoglu has top-5 league experience (something Honda didn't), CL experience, is much younger, and has shown the capability to play other positions (Honda was strictly an attacking midfielder prior to coming to Milan), so hopefully everything will work out!

- And finally, Donnarumma has agreed to renew his contract with Milan. He'll be making 6m/year on a 5 year contract, and has a buyout clause set at 100m, but can drop to 50m if Milan fail to qualify for Champions League. Milan also has to purchase his brother Antonio and give him a contract worth 1m/year. Honestly, I feel incredibly indifferent about this. If anything, he's good as gone next year regardless where we end up on the table. He's also making the 3rd highest salary in Italy and the 3rd highest among GK in the world, so even if we do manage to keep him throughout his contract, it's practically impossible for us to sign him to a new contract demanding more wages... He's already made himself disliked among the Milan fans, resigning will probably leave most people feeling the same; if not just want him to leave already now. There goes your legendary club status Gigio...
Wait? What? 6mil a year for an 18 year old goalkeeper? I know Man City pay crazy wages but this is nuts! If I was the president, I would have sold him asap and his family. Wtf, sign his brother for 1mil/year, ffs that pisses me off. Raiola is stealing money from Milan its so ridiculous.

What a shame, his gone for sure next year because Raiola is going to demand for more next time around and Donna was going to be the face of the club and its future but his too young and dumb to realize what his agent is doing to him.
It's f*****g ridiculous... I want to love Donnarumma and do hope he becomes a bandiera for the club, but after all this, it's too hard to just let it happen, y'know? Despite resigning for the club, it still feels like he betrayed us, and we're just bending over for Raiola. Gigio would have to fire Raiola as his manager and show true love and commitment for the club for him to be loved by the fanbase again. Either that or just sell him ASAP; tired of dealing with Raiola's s**t...

I mean Hamsik fired that fatass for his love for Napoli and they LOVE him, you can do the same Gigio...
f**k. Off. Raiola.

I can't believe it. Donnarumma has told Milan that he will not renew his contract, which is set to expire June 2018. Unbelievable. The same player who kissed the Milan badge under the Curva Sud and told everyone that he dreamt to wear this jersey since childhood. We offered him a 5m+ a year contract and he still declined! What more could you want? Complete betrayal.

He will be sold this summer or will walk on a free next year. Real Madrid and PSG are two clubs most interested in Donnarumma. Honestly, I prefer we let him rot on the bench this year and let him walk, it's not like we even need the money anymore; we're rich, bitches.

Anyway, it's been said for the past year now that Plizzari has shown to have more potential between the two goalkeepers anyway, now is the time to show faith in him. Find a stop gap for this year, maybe someone like Skorupski, Neto or Perin, have Plizzarri get comfortable with first team action and let him take over the reigns.

f**k you Donnarumma.
What happened to Loyalty? I miss the good old days where players were loyal to their team and wouldn't leave like this
Sad that this 18 year old boy has Raiola as an agent. He probably got into his ear but at the same time I don't feel for Donnarumma. He might be getting a big head with all the hype his been getting with Italy and Milan that he actually believes his better Milan.

5mil a year for an 18 year old, in the Serie A as well. Let him rot on the bench and maybe he will learn a lesson.
So more and more news have come out since that announcement, mostly comments from Raiola's "interview" (basically chose his journalists with predetermined questions), and he seems to contradict himself sooooo many times, lol. The more that comes out, the more it seems like Raiola has in fact gotten into Donnarumma's head. He's absolute poison, not just to the kid, but to the game of football in general. Makes me sick.

Also, kudos to how the management has handle this whole business, refusing to let Raiola take advantage and tarnish the club. I guess Mino misses his free dinners with Galliani, probably why he's so upset...

New reports also suggesting that we're still in negotiations with Donnarumma over a new contract, so there's still a possibility. Can't blame the management; that contract is worth 100m to them. If Donnarumma does resign, I suppose that would still be good. He won't get the same love he had before, and I doubt he ever will. He'd have to fire Raiola to have that shot. Honestly, I'd expect the management to sell him if that new contract is signed. Other than that, it seems like he'll stay at Milan another year and it'll be up to Montella whether he plays or not. Personally, I hope he relegates him to the Primavera, where Gattuso can go kick his ass every week for letting what has happened to happen.
Transfer Update:

Musacchio, Kessie, Rodriguez and now Andre Silva from Porto have officially signed for Milan!

- We also have deals agreed with Biglia and Keita Diao from Lazio, although it's a packaged deal for 50m so we're waiting on Keita Diao's confirmation, as he is waiting to hear from Juventus first.

- We have cooled our interest in Morata, while there's no movement in the Aubameyang chase. We reportedly bidded 50m + Zapata + Bertolacci for Belotti but Torino wants 100m. We've also showed interest in Kalinic from Fiorentina.

- Deulofeu has apparently said that he wants to stay at Milan rather than returning to either Everton or Barcelona. Milan haven't had any reported interest in him since the end of the season.

- Donnarumma's contract extension is still being stalled out. Raiola, Donnarumma's agent, wants a buyout clause inserted while Milan have no intention on selling him. Donnarumma has been looking for a house in the center in Milan, so as far I know, he wants to sign that contract asap, just Raiola doing his same damn shady business. Donnarumma needs to get rid of him so Milan can altogether be done with this blowhard.
Wow, you guys has been busy shopping spree....Andre Silva is a good signing and he will take the #10 shirt after Honda departure...good luck....and welcome back to about time...
Wow! The old Milan is coming back! Always had a soft spot for the team since the days of Maldini
We. Are. Back! Albeit it's just Europa, but still. It's been too long out of Europe and now we finally get to watch our Rossoneri play midweeks again! First true step back to revival!

And the new management already making big moves for next season. Musacchio just finished his medical, and we already have deals in place for both Kessie and Ricardo Rodriquez! Like wow, we'd usually have to wait until the final day of the transfer window to make moves, this is exciting!

Now about the rest of the replacements. The top three targets for striker are Morata, Aubameyang, and Belotti, while the top options for the winger position are Keita Balde, Papu Gomez, Thauvin, or possibly bringing back Deulofeu. What are your favorite targets?
You're a trooper man, never say die attitude with this chat. Can I ask you how Deulofeu did this season?
Thanks man! Even though footytube in general is slowing dying, I'm hoping a few Milan fans come around and try to revive this page to its glory days. Hopefully this new era can help with that!

Deulofeu is probably the biggest reason we're in Europa for next season. His ability to beat defenders with speed and either play a dangerous ball in or finish for himself was tremendous. He had games where he was too selfish, but that wasn't too much of a bother considering the talent around him was lacking most of the time. In our recent winless streak, he did seem switched off a lot of the time, idk if it's all the rumors surrounding the club or just shaky mentality. Still though, I'd take him permanently in a heartbeat. If he does stay at Barca, I hope he still gets plenty of time behind Messi and Neymar; he's still a bit of a work in progress and could use all the game time possible.
Aha you're quite hopeful as well. It's hard to see this site getting any more life but I guess you never know.

Reading that has me torn between bringing him back and being the primary backup to leo/ney and letting him stay to truly develop into his own player at AC Milan. He was really raw at Everton and as you said is still inconsistent at times (understandable for his age) but he really seems to be flourishing here.
Good f*****g job to keep fighting until the very last kick of the game! This season is different primarily because of the team's "never say die" attitude. Love it! Inching closer to that European spot, especially with Inter merda's grueling schedule remaining. We can do this!

Oh, and thank you Berlusconi & Galliani for your years of service and a plethora of silverware. Grazie Signori! Onto a new era!
What an absolute bullshit call man...

Milan look set to resurrect golden era that most thought was long gone
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Paolo Maldini, the legendary Milan and Italy captain, will make his professional tennis debut this week after stepping away from football to pursue an unexpected ambition
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The Milan goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma had fake money thrown into his goalmouth during Italy’s European Under-21 Championship match against Denmark on Sunday night
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Kevin-Prince Boateng: ‘Mandela shook my hand and said: my daughter wants to marry you’
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Football transfer rumours: Inter or PSG to sign Agüero? Yakubu to Coventry?
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Watford sign Milan’s M’Baye Niang on loan with £13.5m option to buy
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Watford have beaten off a host of clubs to sign M’Baye Niang from Milan on an initial six-month deal
Everton turn down Milan loan move for Gerard Deulofeu
6 months ago
Everton have rejected Milan’s offer to sign Gerard Deulofeu on loan
Atalanta captain Papu Gómez leads by example as his club let young talent go
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The 28-year-old Atalanta captain sported another unusual armband and led his younger team-mates to a big win at Chievo after a week of off-field upheaval
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It was billed as the battle between Juve’s nearest rivals and while Roma prevailed, Saturday’s trip to Turin will be a truer test of their credentials
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