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Reports have it that we're being linked with Nani, Lavezzi, Isco...
If one of them does join us, i'd prefer Isco - he's young talented and can be a future Milan star
Nani is used and a waste of time.. he has his games where he shines but he's very inconsistent.
Lavezzi is good, he had a decent WC but maybe a bit old for our team? I dont even know anymore, seems like the plan to concentrate on youth just vanished.
Don't get your hopes up... Even with James joining Madrid, I don't see Isco leaving, and even if he was to, I doubt he'd choose Milan over a club that can offer CL football + wages... I'd love him as much the next guy but that's just about as realistic as Neymar coming here...

This new signing Galliani is teasing is probably someone of the Birsa caliber if we're being honest. Hell, he'll probably even say that promoting Mastour to the 1st team is like signing a €25m player...
Isco would be a dream signing.
Damn... well i'll keep my hopes up so fingers crossed!
Mr X might finally come this season xD. Watch us get Pato :-)
Pato? Lmao...
Galliani did say he had a surprise for us fans... just have to wait and see who it will be :) (I'm hoping Isco)

With Allegri being the favorite to run Juventus, you think they'd be in for a Muntari-Pirlo swap? Constant-Ogbonna? I mean after all, Allegri will be wanting his tools back...
If we get Allegri, I might as well not bother watching the league next season. How do you lose a generational coach to hire one who was run out by a rival club on account of being tactically inept and unable to inspire his team to success?

It's like there is an agreement among the top clubs- everyone gets to enjoy a 3-year window of success, and then they have to let it be someone else's turn. Anyway, the Juve era is seemingly over and it might be the Pippo era now.
I wouldn't be surprised at all
OFFICIAL: Kakà is no longer a Milan player. :(

I hope we can get Iturbe :)
juan quintero ftw :)
I'm glad we're willing to spend some money to get Iturbe, but I really think we should prioritize that money towards a much needed central midfielder or defender. s**t, if the season started tomorrow, our starting CMs would probably be Muntari/Essien/Poli.... yeah.

Rather splash that rumored €25m from Iturbe on someone like Verratti...
Much respect to your club and Italy legend Paolo Maldini, he's 46 today....Happy birthday Paolo...!
I think you should be proud of your player...not for his skill on the pitch but for his moral values off the pitch...

Lol that man earns 3mil per year lmao...
We had the chance to grab Memo Ochoa on a free transfer, but instead we went for Agazzi... shame
Yeah I know !!! And dont get me started on Rami ... When the hell r we going to secure that transfer?????

Jeez man, us fans have many unresolved questions ...

Now that Menez is here does that mean we are not signing Taarabt?

On a lighter note Arsenal are in for Balotelli .... we should expect the comment below from Galliani ....

Galliani: "Mario's sale was necessary to balance the books. Will we bring in a replacement? Matri is returning from loan, so he is like a new signing for us".
I've already assumed Alex & Menez are replacements for Rami & Taarabt, the negotiations have been delayed for so long I doubt they even existed to begin with...

Haha and now Muntari got a raise, doubled his wages from €1.5m to €3m... what the f**k is wrong with this club
Galliani is the wrong thing!!
Clarence Seedorf has been dismissed. Filippo Inzaghi has been appointed as first team coach, and is under contract until June 30th, 2016.
Poor Seedorf :(
As an outsider looking in, seems like a very shady move- Seedorf came in midway through the season and was able to get some decent results. He literally dropped everything in Brazil to come take the chance of a lifetime, and to discard him in this way is just sad. I would have thought he would be given one more season, plus a summer transfer window to get in the players he wants. Wasn't there also talk about Maldini coming in to help?

Allegri was given such latitude with this team, yet Seedorf (a club legend with more pedigree) gets shafted? Something doesn't add up.....

What are these rumors about selling Cristante to Benfica for 5m euros in order to pay for Rami?!?! I swear if they do this i'm going to be so pissed.
You got to be kidding me!! You just cant sell your future like that :(

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