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The Pendulum - 2 weeks ago
Elon University students Nicole Molinario, a senior, and Mark Berlin, class of 2014, spent the summer teaching English in the city of Hebron, in the West Bank. This is a recount of their time spent there amid the Israeli-Hamas conflict. Their opinions ...
The Smart Set - 2 weeks ago
They were brothers, still undergraduates at the University. I couldn't decide which was the better looking one. Jake maybe played football in high school. Seth, darker ... Jake wanted to study abroad in Tel Aviv and asked me if I'd help him write his ...
Waterloo Record - 4 weeks ago
When a journalist admits he has been lying to the public for years, this usually results in a flurry of media coverage castigating the guilty party, along with a dose of self-flagellation by his employer for having failed to notice the lies sooner ...
Frontier Post - 4 weeks ago
Social media gives celebrities unprecedented power to engage directly with millions of fans worldwide, said George Washington University media professor William Youmans. "But when they wade into political matters, they run the risk of alienating a ... - 2 weeks ago
Les Liégeoises s'étaient inclinées en ouverture samedi 1-0 contre le club local d'Ouriense, également vainqueur lundi en dominant les Israéliennes de ASA Tel-Aviv University SC par 2-1. Le Standard affrontera encore jeudi Tel-Aviv. Ouriense possède le ...
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