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Hong Kong
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Day 1

how the f**k did i get here i think monkey may have cursed me so he could get out and i got stuck here
day #16

Alot has happend today...
It turns out the reason why we are here is due to a plane crash, it turned out the plane go struck by lighting and flung out of control, breaking bits and pieces of the plane while it was falling allowed people to fall out.

we decided to go search for more surviours however so far we haven't had any luck.
day #15

i finally found another group of people on this island

a beautifull lady and 2 men with one of the two men lying inside a cabin, it looked as if he was sick.
i decided to break down my hut once again and move to their place.
day #15

i almost died to day......

it all started when i caught and cooked a pufferfish, i thought i removed the liver properly, but it seems like that the piece of metal i was using to cut the fish with had a tiny sharp-needle like edge on it, it must have pierced the liver allowing some portion of the tetrodotoxin on the fish.

i cooked the fish then i ate it, a couple of minutes later i started to feel dizzy, my body started to numb i tried to reach a water bottle near me but by that time it was too late i was paralyzed.

but all of a sudden i saw a women run towards me, she looked like an Angel, she turned me over so i wouldn't swallow my tongue, she said "you're going to be all right", and thats when i passed out.........
day #14

I feel as if something is watching me, overnight i would hear strange noises animales normally wouldn't make.
the hut on the beach is as good as done, hopefully "it" will stop following me.
Day #13

The cut in my foot is healing well after leaving it in the water for a whole day, most of the dead skin is gone. I've decided that as soon as iam able to walk properly again ill build a new shelter on the beach. In the mean while i've caught alot of fish, and learned an easy way to make fire. I guess its not all bad.
This forum is beautiful
what is going on yoda?
its like my own personal forum hahahaha
day #12

sick and tired of this godforsaken place. I've got a huge cut on my foot due to stepping on a piece of metal, that cut is now infected and I can barely walk. I've just been sitting in the river with my foot all day in the hope that the pus and dirt will get washed off.
day #11

The beach is full off ship wreck materials that I plan to use, I even found a chair which is a luxury to have here, I've start to relise Iam being more thankfull for the things iam getting off this island I hope I stay that way.
However every time iam on the beach, I have the feeling as if iam being watched, are there more people on this Island besides me and the man? whatever it is i'll make sure to confront it.

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