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48 years ago
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It's sad to see the effects of homophobia. I'm not a supporter of homosexuality, but I definitely see problems in having a homophobic attitude. Enke's death was truly unfortunate and it is a good example of the damaging effects that society can place on an individual. Well written article.
you're not a supporter of homosexuality? I don't know what that means bro. I'm not gay, but I think people who are gay should be accepted with an open mind and allowed to get on with their lives. Gomez has a done a good thing, and he's very brave for taking the first step.
It doesn't have to mean anything. I see nothing wrong in what he said. He said he doesn't agree with it but he also doesn't agree with the fear of it.
what does agreement mean in the context... I think he phrased it wrong, maybe what he meant to say was that he wasn't homosexual himself. In any case, thats out of the argument because its pathetic how society has come to a level where if you stand up for gay rights and whatnot, you have this fear of being labelled yourself. Same thing with politics and being called 'socialist' and supporting another specific cause and having yourself defined with some words...
I can see where everybody's opinions are coming from. MessiingWithYa and CanonsofArsene, to clear things up, I am not a homosexual and I do not agree with living that lifestyle. HOWEVER, that does not mean I -condemn- the lifestyle in any way. It is indeed possible to disagree with a lifestyle yet respect it. The only thing that I am condemning is homophobia, which is the fear (and often implied hate) of homosexuals. Thank you for understanding what I said, Ltm017.
Achiox, you seem like a nice dude, so I will try not to sound condescending.
By saying you don't agree with a gay "lifestyle", you are in fact contributing to the social homophobia you speak of.
Sexual orientation is not a choice, like a lifestyle would be. Sexual orientation is something all human beings are born with and cannot change.
So, I understand you have the right not to like queer folk or queer behavior, but I hope someday we will live in a world where it would be natural for everyone to just "agree" with it. Good day sir.
This makes me not want to play football ever again. I personally do not agree with homosexuality but I dont think its anyones choice whether or not they tell someone they cant play because they are gay.
wonder wen is ronaldo gona speak up ? :P
haha nice one
dude he got a kid ...
lol so? Gay people have kids all the time. He didn't get the kid from having sex with a woman, he donated to some american surrogate I believe.
I don't think Mario is gay, I think he is just telling the gay community that plays football in Germany to come out because obviously there are a handful of them
Gay? Hetro? Woman? Man? Who cares! Lets play some footie.
i couldnt agree w/ u more!
dibbsy is my new hero.
sexuality has nothing to do with football and shouldnt disadvantage players if they are gay and want to come out then do so! homophobes deal with it. you're a slowly dying race.
I think we have to establish a fine line between homophobia and disagreement. Although I don't agree with homosexuality, I'm not going wave a flag and attend gay-pride parades. I think we have to establish a sort of tolerance and respect, rather than celebrate it (which is a very high possibility in the future, as homophobes are a "slowly dying race".
No one is asking you to join the gay pride parade. But you should be okay with other people joining a gay pride parade. You might not like curry but it makes no sense to say that you "disagree" with those who like curry. It's their choice. It's that simple.
Disagreement is of no importance, keep it to your self. Football is about a ball, players, and 90 minutes. I think people should be open about whatever they are. IF you disagree, then go talk to a shrink about it.
You shouldn't have to agree or support gay rights if you dont want to. It's having respect for the individual that counts. I dont agree with homosexuality but at the same time I respect people who are.

We should not be define by our sexual orientation

It just a sport and it is nothing wrong between sexuality and pro sport. It's all about how good they play in professional football, don't understand why the homophobes make a big deal about it
maybe coming out shouldnt affect a players form or popularity...
but it will. im completely against homosexuality but not homosexuals. i think its better to not play and be fruity then to play and keep the weight of a secret like that upon you while playing proffessionally.
If you look at the examples mentioned above (I don't know how often they happen though), a homosexual player leaving their club because of their orientation will probably damage them more than staying and carrying the burden. I guess that's why this issue is so concerning, because it's one of those "lose-lose" gambles.
I just love all the guys saying they don't support homosexuals etc etc etc, but i garantee its different when its two girls aye? -_____- your just as bad as those who fight against it. especially those in yank land, with their freedom of speech BS. Well this may only be my opinion but, there is nothing wrong with any form of homosexuals, the world is like a 15 year old school boy, so childish and unnable to deal with a serious issue appropriately. I know if i found out my favourite player was gay.. well.. i wouldnt give a flying f**k.
im not sure what u r gettin at when u say that "yank land" has the freedom of speech but i do agree w/ u that sexuality has nothing to do w/ football, just b/c someone is gay doent mean that they would play any different and that is what really matters isnt it?
LOL, I don't get the guys here who say they are against homosexuality, but they have no problem with homosexuals. How can one be against homosexuality?
This reminds me of a response of Woody Allen during a recent interview: "My opinion on death has not changed. I am against it."

I assume what you mean is that you have no problem with homosexuals although you are not one of them. Right?
Yep it makes no sense. If someone's gay it's their choice and your/my opinions shouldn't have any bearing on the matter.
It means you don't agree with the lifestyle but then you are not against the person who chooses the lifestyle! Nothing wrong with it. Not everyone is going to be okay with it cool. However that does not mean you hate on people because of it. Everyone is human and has feelings just has the next person.
they don't CHOOSE the lifestyle...that's the thing that homophobes don't understand. do they really think considering all the ridicule these people receive, they would actually CHOOSE to be gay?

people with half a brain have no problem with people who are gay :)
I get what Gomez is trying to say here, that we do live in an age where homosexuality should not be treated as a lesser form of existence, and that players should not be afraid of who they are as sexual beings because of who they are as athletes.

But I cannot agree with him urging others to come out openly; it's simply not his choice. If someone is gay and lives in the constant limelight of professional football, yet chooses to stay in the closet about it, he has every right to do so. This is similar to the forum topic of should players' private lives be scrutinized by the media. And the firm answer is no, so long as his private life does not hamper his ability on the field.

I think that any gay footballer who chooses to remain discreet is more than intelligent; he understands that the footballing world is bigger than him, older than him, and far less understanding of homosexuality as him. Now, we can all come into this forum and say we are fine with a player being gay, whether he is discreet or not; we can even agree that it wouldn't change our opinion of him if he were to come out. But the sad fact of the matter is that we represent an overwhelming minority in this matter. Gay players who don't come out have a very real and firsthand relationship with fans and with being looked up to by their fans, and have a very real understanding of how different the world of football is from the world of entertainment, art, politics, etc. It is OK and even welcomed in these real world settings (maybe I'm overstepping the definition by including entertainment in the real world, but the point is coming up soon) but the world of football is very much a fantasy world.

Fans live out of the real world for a couple of hours each Sunday; and the idea of sport is very much a longstanding tradition in this sense. But, like all traditions, football is prone to the taboos that go along with it. Certain things just are not tolerated, and are very difficult to change. The hatred inspired by homosexuality in football is a taboo that well predates most of us; and though this is a sad fact and we feel we must do something about it, change it in some way, it is really out of our hands, and out of Mario Gomez's as well. The comments of the president Germany's Football Federation are very telling. If a player were to come out to fans and media, he would have more than a tough time of it. He would be shunned, namecalled, adopted as martyr for both pro- and short, his career would be over.

It's not that we as unbiased, logical-minded human beings cannot accept an athlete for who he is, but the legions of backwards thinking, taboo inondated homophobes who represent the mass majority of hooligans, wackos and fundamentalists who will do anything and everything to make their voice heard who will latch on to any form of change in football and immediately warp it, vilify it and prevent it from doing any good at all.
theres like... alot of words in that comment
Yeah man, if you are going to write something that long, separate ur paragraphs at least...
Yes, I agree, there are a lot of words. There was a lot of thought going on while I wrote it...thus, the lack of paragraph separation. I didn't realize exactly how long of a paragraph I had written until I had already posted. My posts are easily recognizable at least!

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