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Friendly (women) Thu, 19th Jun 2014
1 - 2
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Why are we afraid to attack and run up the wings?

It seems to me our battle strategy is to get the ball to Sinclair and expect her to score. As decent a plan as it was a few years ago other teams have caught on and its time to freshen up the attack plan.
So outraged when I read the story in the province this morning.

There is no more talented player in the woman's game than Sinclair, I would even go as far as to say she is the greatest female player the sport has ever seen.
Sinclair recieves a four game suspension for her comments after the semi against the U.S.

I don't know why FIFA decided it was in their best intrest to add more salt to the wound two whole months after the fact?
so stupid -__-
Robbed. Nuff said
What the reff happend?

there are some things in life you cannot control and that was just one of them. The girls made Canada proud and for that I thank all of them.
Great game against Haiti, lets keep that spectacular momentum going!
How can it say canada has no fans, I am a fan!
Will Haiti even stand a chance?
1-0 to Canada :)

Argentina didn't stand a chance muahahaha
What is a canadian page without a canadian anthem!
O Canada!

Our home and native land!

True patriot love in all thy sons command.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise,

The True North strong and free!

From far and wide,

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

God keep our land glorious and free!

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

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