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Moldova v Canada
3 months ago
Bulgaria v Canada
4 months ago
Slovenia v Canada
10 months ago
Panama v Canada
1 year ago
Mexico v Canada
1 year ago

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Friendly Tue, 9th Sep 2014
3 - 1
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Wow a W!
Finally a nice victory over Jamaica. When they scored the free kick I was like oh no here we go again but we got back and won. Now its time to keep winning and improving!
Apparently Canada is considering bidding for the 2026 world cup.. thoughts?
Never going to happen, It will go back to America again before we ever get a free pass to the group stages.

We do although will me hosting the W-World Cup next year with the final at BC Place!
Well.... two games in a row we've scored a goal, not bad....
yeah, but c'mon, its Bulgaria and Moldova...

Im surprised we didn't lose to Bulgaria tbh.. i was hoping to pull off a win against Moldova though...
Bulgaria beat us last time so it's an improvement but
I actually felt proud we drew Bulgaria...Moldova ._.
Martin Rennie wrote an article about why he thinks Canada is such an underacheiving soccer nation. What do you guys think?

I personally got into soccer when I was 15 so I didn't go through a Canadian youth soccer system when I was young and cannot reflect on personal experiencences.
We all know what the problem is. Its the Canadian FA, until they change their ways they won't go far imo.\

This is what Rennie is hinting at, they need drastic changes if they want to flourish like the USA. We have talented players at the collegiate level but unfortunately there isn't enough merit to go on and become a professional because the benefits are extremely low. So you can see why we've lagged behind so much these days.
Any of you guys into MLS? If so, you should join the fantasy league which I am setting up:

The invite code is: 3849-629
anyone have any idea when the next match for the MNT will be? I can't believe they havent played at all since nov 19th.
no they have played recently but they played like a local team or something..........
Yeah they played against Ft Lauderdale and another team which I can't remember. They played in January
Stop failing Canada :(
We will rise one day.
in our lifetime?
in our lifetime nope xD
I was just messin guys :P
14 straight games without a win :|
ouimette got called up :D

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