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Zizzou7 thought the Argentina v Iran match was awesome
3 years ago
4 years ago
Zizzou7 nominated Neymar (71') for Goal of the Week
Zizzou7 thought the Real Madrid v Barcelona match was awesome
Zizzou7 nominated Iniesta (7') for Goal of the Week
Zizzou7 nominated Iniesta (34') for Goal of the Week
Zizzou7 nominated L. Messi (83') for Goal of the Week
Zizzou7 thought the Barcelona v AC Milan match was awesome
Whats up with Valdez and Pique? and then Valdez was yelling at Xavi at the end of the game.
Hopefully City can keep it up, Toure is an amazing player, what a great goal
Go to http://www.matchhighlight.com/
It would be really cool if they keep their numbers and names with that font
Roura wasnt complaining about the refs, the reporter asked him about the refs and he answered by saying we havent had much luck with the ref's decisions but tha...
5 years ago
Barca wanted to buy T. Sliva but he went to PSG cuz they paid him more
Jordi Alba was man of the match for me, everyone goes on how Barca cant perform without Messi, I dont believe that to be entirely true, PSG was having a great a...
Honestly though both teams were amazing today
Thanks for this, the video that was up had the most annoying person in the world commentating
Was this game payback from Pellegrini, since Mourinho took over for him at Real?
I feel bad for Casillas today, even though he was on the bench you could see the disappointment within him, it is obvious that he wants Adan to do well, but I w...
Why would anyone vote rubbish for Betis, they played really well, they could have even won the game, if it wasn't for the crossbar. well done Betis it was a gre...
Villa and Pedro suffered from injuries same as Alexis, its not that they arent as accurate as Messi, since Villa has been back he's been score in the few games ...
Haha looks like its photoshoped
Rivaldo did 2 like that, the one he did on Valencia was outside the box
I was expecting Celtic to win after the performance they had against Barca, unlucky today
Yeah I've been waiting for Song to score
Iniesta was on fire the first half, no wonder he's the best in Europe
This game should be titled The Ibra show
Wow what a comeback from Zaragoza, this was a great game
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