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Here is the real HL boys __http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x15h4wx_cpl-man-city-1-3-bayern-munich-all-goals-highlights-hd_sport?search_algo=2
Somewhere on FootyTube
About time for united to sing some midfielder, this mean we be shipping out some deadwood like, Ando, Young. Also the oldies have served us well but time to mov...
He is a good decent player, but because he is English he get over inflated salary, had he been from a non-english background, his salary would be half of what h...
WTF is wrong with this website? the video is stuttering like a a fffaarrking zombies?
Speak for youself.. I'm sure Saurez wouldn't agree with your idea at all. He only wish there was more opportunities to dive. Just didn't come his way in this ga...
5 years ago
There was really no regular starter "Rio Doesn't count", a few players back from injury, some new signing and basically the B-United team on the park for this g...
Australia probbably had more one-on-one situation then Denmark but horrible finishing by both Australia Striker, Kewell and Brosque. Wasting this kind of easy o...
Shouldn't Tevez and Barton btoh get a Red card. Didn't infact Tevez started by punching Barton on the head??? Sillies FA Referee, or was in Mansoiur money talki...
6 years ago
Thtas becasue Citiz Mansour got more money on Sky Sport broadcasting. I think their love for suck1n6 citix c0kcs are defo on show tonight. Still Citiz does have...
Why is every highlights are coming from FOX this week? They won't show it to Australia viewer. Darn my luck
What can you say, CCM is in decline, look at the numbers in their crowd
Gosh, about 90+ K's corwds couldn't stop calling him puta when he scored in that final agasit your team. But good to see you are atlease getting behind him.
Nice Sarcasm, Because from my angle on the camera they couldn't stop cazlling him puta, even one of them almost fell out of their seat.
Just becasue Citiz are gonna get smash in theirt next match.. have a laugh now, you be crying in a few days....
Payback is a b1tch Barca, take it on your behind Like Sanchez did... Then get all the medical attention you require to fix it, because this one was very satisf...
Don't know what game you were watching hun. But you should go back and watch it again with neutral glass on.. Not Barca one.
No, I still hate Chelsea in all thing.... But Seeing Justice being done and the payback is a b1tch.. So just hasppy to see Barca take it up their holes.
Face it, barca was just NOT good enough! as the barca supporters wre saying recently here about the last time the two teams met in the CL semi-final - chelsea w...
I think Gery Neville would 100% agree on that note.
When asked whether Barca deserved the win more than his own team for their performance by BARCA PRESS, Chelsea interim manager Roberto Di Matteo was clear. "I b...
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