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Zigarillios gave the Chelsea v Sunderland video a rating of 1
4 years ago
Zigarillios gave the Norwich City v Chelsea video a rating of 5
Zigarillios gave the Barcelona v Real Valladolid video a rating of 2
Zigarillios gave the Sunderland v Liverpool video a rating of 5
That wasn't robben, that was ribery... God he must have a complex, as we could see against chelsea, hugging...
Looked like onside and a clear penalty for MU to me
5 years ago
Where can I sign to have some of that gamble money of Zagreb? If there is one cheat in this world of football it is this team. Losing 7-1 against lyon with a wi...
Robben, huntelaar and robin van persie on the roll in the EU... I say: Holland's got a good change of coming far in the EC :) ... just looking forward...
6 years ago
Arsenal slowly aiming for second place now :)
I stopped reading after three words. You're absolutely correct. We loved him for Ajax just the same, he was great for us. But we knew, deep down, really he was ...
I should start learning bloody russian... Is there really no Swansea fan out there who wants to share their team's great performance with us by uploading someth...
Good game though...
Christ, lately there is nothing else than russian commentators and low quality video on here... to bad.
Mama mia indeed!
Krul vs. RVP is a bit sad though, for the dutch team. Just a bit of overreacting on the side of Krul, running up to RVP like that at the end of the match. He sh...
Use TOR network to pretend you're from the US by setting exitnodes to us server!
Someone shoot the commentator.
I wouldn't want to be the team playing against RVP, you can only lose!
Nice of the commentator to give away the clue at the start... idiot.
Wow, just wow
Yes, and hopefully, but not too likely, with rvp... or perhaps it might even be good to be without him so the team is less dependent on 1 individual, under whom...
That would be easy if I wasn't regularly confronted with people venting their own stupidity using skincolour or other features to insult and pester. It is time ...
So, whats not to understand exactly? He racially abused Evra and then ALSO refused to shake his hand... Suarez is a racist and an idiot and should be banned fro...
Huntelaar DID score, but was mistaken for offside
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