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5 years ago
The violent ninja wars resulted in a draw as the ball sneakily rolled away.
6 years ago
There have been world class goals scored by the US. Look up Benny Feilhaber's winner in the Gold Cup final against Mexico in 2007.
Mancini: "Better than golf huh Carlos?" Tevez: "Hmm...it *is* shiny..."
"I believe I can fly"
This is what happens when the refs DON'T favor Barca...
It's bad enough to be crucified without a monster on your shoulder...
I'm number 1, why shouldn't I be able to take a nap on the pitch?
Terry: It's all right, at least you kept me distracted from your wife.
How do you have an account but can't write "write"?
LOOK! It's an obvious distraction!
Actually, Milan kept their position down to a reasonable 61% IIRC, which is probably the most impressive thing they did.
"AVB. This is your conscience. Stop ruining Chelsea."
Sexy and I know it
Probert: "Shh! I'll lose my job!" Fergie: "Outbid again Harry!"
Pictured: Liverpool's best finisher. Nearby, Luis Suarez celebrates.
Wenger: "What the...what the hell IS that?"
Finally! Hala Madrid!!!!
7 years ago
And what on earth was that supposed to mean?
Oh and reg10 I don't think Marcelo dived for all five goals. As for Crouch, he's a fool.
I'm with Seanf24. Please stop pretending your poor little Barcelona players didn't do any diving themselves.
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