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4 years ago
The kid's got what it takes to become a real gem at Barcelona. Really can't wait for him to get his marks on our system because it's really gonna be a joy to wa...
5 years ago
Well, it just seems as though Barca is shy when it comes to pricing their players right up there as some other clubs do. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry.lo...
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Hey man, welcome back to the site. Hope you are grounded for a little while so you can enjoy a little football :)
Can I still call myself a Barcelona fan?! I wonder! :( Hi guys! Been an awful lot of time since I last had the pleasure to comment as well as read your various...
Hey mate since u seem to always disappear of FT mind adding meo n twitter? @threkstari...or tell me thy e-mail (on mah wall) :D
I hear you! But don't we have to take into consideration all of the risks the club would have to take to go for what can only be seen as a bold decision not to ...
6 years ago
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't RM in debt?! Frankly speaking, while applying the same rule to my beloved Barcelona, I wouldn't *proudly present my club as a...
@SanchezAlexis, You must admit the place isn't best suited to enunciate and discuss in details Barcelona's defensive attributes during last season in contrast ...
LOL! :D Snitch as much as I like you, I can't back you on this one. I'm all out for Spurs :P Green and Neyll all the way for the 3 pointers. Game 3 was just th...
With him been linked with RM, I honestly fear for Xavi! Suarez might end up sinking his teeth in Xavi as well; knowing how provocative the latter's interaction...
@Hunsijoo, while I couldn't agree more with your very 1st statement, I can't share the opinion you have on Del Bosque's contribution to Spain's success (not to...
Don't wanna sound presumptuous but I couldn't help but feel as though the abstract of what you just said is: ''I'd like RM to defend as Barcelona''.lol :P Beca...
I understand where you coming from. But here's the thing: While very unfortunate, every single signing out there always has a, more or less, crippling effect on...
Hope you guys won't mind an input from me. ;) Personally, I wouldn't see it that way and what I mean is simple. Knowing in a group there's always gonna be a se...
@P1tuf4, did you even get the joke?!
@HansUpskisrt, '' A lot talent getting wasted, hopefully he is on his way out!'' And look who's talking. Clearly seems you have a pretty short term memory cons...
Exactly TBS! I don't know who else to blame anymore as I've blamed Tito then Roura and then back to Tito for a tremendous lack of rotation last season. And with...
Finally! That's more like it! Considering the number of vultures going about regarding Thiago and no one stretching out that particular aspect, I was starting t...
What pushes you guys to believe that even if you offered us Torres with a pile of cash to go with it, we'd be interested?! Or are we just making the wish-bucke...
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