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We could be playing a 4-3-3 as well. it doesnt hurt to have more midfield cover as we can't just depend on herrera. carrick is past it, fletcher isn't his old s...
3 weeks ago
Unlucky. That ball that hit the post was their best chance. Cant give suarez that kind of space and cavani the time to make that final ball
1 month ago
I feel it is cavani who should not have the time and space to make that pass. Glen jonson should close him down instead of stand off. Its always harder to guard...
Rooney sooo soo close. Wont get closer than that.
Hellooo :D
Why rooney?? blame Mourinho. Edit: btw, England the next team to be out.Said it here first haha
Fecking woodward! Chelsea has signed fabregas.. and also costa.. and we haven't even moved for a player. He better get the players Van gaal wants,or I'm gonna f...
With delbosque at Spain's helm, it always meant he would stick with his old guards that brought him so much success in the past few campaigns. Except that now t...
Agreed. but then we need an arturo vidal to do the dirty work so sanchez can be unleashed.... we need a vidal like player as well.
Enjoying sanchez' runs down the wing. If we are able to get a winger like that...
I rmb reading about how tiki taka was dying. Apparently teams playing radical possession football are now being countered by it's Nemesis: radical non-possessio...
Obviously spain's tactics are not working. Chile's closing them down exactly like how netherlands did. same game plan no plan B, end of.
Im surprised he even started today's game with such high profile errors made. After this world cup, he definitely would retire from international football.
The worst decision I had was to have Ramos on my DF. =_=
I picked iniesta as well. *hugs and cries* T_T
Hahaha, Heads up guys... only 1 round has passed. 2 more gamesin group stage to go. besides, Maria did okay for argentina match.no telling he do better.
Let's start that DF ranting thread lmao.
IKR MUFC1990.... I need to rant seriously.. I chose Bonucci for italy,he didn't even start and cost the highest for italy defenders. Fcuk me lol. And i got ram...
Damn... was choosing him vs di maria and i went for maria..
Even he doesn't know what he is going to do next
3 months ago
4 months ago
5 months ago
6 months ago
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9 months ago
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