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Shee-shell on duh shee shhoooree is a shel-shee~ shell-shee got the muh-neee from duh oil richieee~ shee the shee-shore with the shell-shee shell. p.s. LVG s...
2 days ago
@gohonaf: Moyes didn't give him much of a chance when he took over as well as injuries did him in. Rojo deal meant Nani went the other way without LVG seeing mu...
No, i'm serious. young and felli both were arguably shite last season and are our best players this season. don't see why we shouldn't give others a chance.
3 days ago
HAHAHA. i think the reporter was dumbfounded at that first response.
Hi 5 guys... i think we are the only 3 ppl in this forum who wanna see Nani given a chance here next season
@shiwa: lol. ok. haha (have no idea what to intrepret of the %) btw nani also scored 1 goal each in each of their group stage UCL games... except during the lo...
There are games they totally overpower opponents. on occasions they don't, they grind out 1-0 wins. Quite some masterclass although his tactics are not entertai...
@shiwa: that's one of the most ridiculous numbers lol. how the fack did you get that. can you calculate Rooney's % goals for united this season? lol. i bet it ...
@shiwa: won't dispute your point. is just like how "easy" messi and ronaldo scores in Laliga. although you might have to give them credit for scoring those goal...
^ I read your stats... Won't look at cup stats, but League and UCL. Isn't Champions league is a harder contest? Bebe: 27 League appearances: 12 goals, 0 assis...
Hazard was too fast, and i think DDG was surprised he took the shot low and fast. A bit harsh for DDG, i think he did well for most of the game.
^ i disagree that Portugese league is s**t. Porto just outplayed Bayern 3-1 last week if you don't remember. We were kicked out of UCL by Benfica and porto befo...
^ seriously i was shouting ad jumping off my seat when i saw it... only to see that it was off
Agreed. I think that chelsea goal was a kick in the teeth, given that we didn't play exactly bad, but Chelsea was always gonna punish these mistakes we make. I...
SIF: where's the proof lol.
Hmmm, Mou is such a tactical beast. He mostly neutralised our big Groot Felli's influence in the first half with zouma. I noticed that Felli switched sides to t...
Twice as s**t. lol
Nani wasn't exactly pushed out. He only went out on loan because it was part of Rojo's deal. Nani has been building up his form and i say he deserves a chance. ...
^ at the end of the day, Mou is that type of manager that gets the result. he doesn't really care whether its beautiful or ugly.
Januzaj is too raw. ADM... well the problem is the both of them were trying to beat defenders, but chelsea is very organised. we might have done better with Mat...
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