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^ chelsea is doing almost the same. they are literally soaking up youth talents and then loaning them out. coutios was an example. now he is a top goalkeeper.
20 minutes ago
^ nice stats shiwa.
2 hours ago
^ that is exactly why i have no idea what the article is trying to imply. And De Gea is not latin american lol. Poor journalism. strirring shite at their best...
@NZLfootballer: you already writing off LVG and coming up with reasons but lets take a look: tl;dr: basically we have ALWAYS SPENT BIG, just failed to do so in...
Hmmm article on ESPN analysing transfers and on LVG: =========== The Dutchman likes to buy players he has worked with before. As Mourinho once said, managers w...
3 hours ago
Lol. let's hire you instead
14 hours ago
Hey Bro, I thought i would get your attention here. I hope i am wrong but i find that you might be singling me out at the united forums which i felt was uncal...
3 days ago
^ united only have 4 goal scorers so far this season: Rooney Memphis adnan Mata And we proceed to ship one of our goalscorers out. lol. adnan did well in tha...
Inb4 someone labels you as a pessimistic fan and dismiss your opinion lol. i'm also shocked that we let adnan out on loan. Now i hope wilson gets a chance. I'...
I think fans who expressed concern are not in the tone of "i told you so" but expressing worry and concern that this signing could be such a huge gamble if it f...
I hope DDG stays! If woodward manages to renegotiate a new contract it would be better than signings.
48 minutes ago Learn more about new #mufc signing @AnthonyMartial with our player profile: http://bddy.me/1NKZd0n He is capable of playing as a right-sided at...
The accuser becomes the accused. Amusing.
I think i'm being pessimistic here looking at his vids and stats but i certainly don't see him having more raw talent than ronaldo to justify the price tag. ho...
There was a time when Manchester United was shelling out 30million or more for a player, almost everyone would know who that player was. I'm disappointed that...
#mufc is pleased to announce French forward @AnthonyMartial has completed his transfer from Monaco. #WelcomeMartial wow...
4 days ago
^ lol.
No. too much chop and change might mean a new manager coming in to clearout players again who don't suit
They are not entitled to any of our players. we are not obliged to sell them any of our players.
@Lutheaven: I think you didn't read my comment right, I merely stated that Moyes was at the mercy of his players. unlike LVG who is a control freak. Of the 2, i...
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