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This is one of the game from BPL that I watched with interest. Very entertaining football by the KOP. CL next season?
Oii org mesia... jarang jumpe.
How to stop all this? STOP BETTING. That will greatly, if not for sure, help eradicate match fixing.
I think he was confusing his hands with his legs. Make my day :)
I have to agree that Juve can do better without Chiellini's antics.
Congrats Real! Like Tevez said, we were to be blamed. If Juve were to play 4-3-3, I think it is better to replace Marchisio with Quag or Gio. They would suit be...
Good job Montella, Rossi & Viola!
Nice work Floccari
Good away win, Viola
I think Pandev's movement is very, very good. Couple with his slightly bald appearance, defenders will make a big mistake under-estimating him.
Pergh! Nice goals!
Ahahahaha... "Ref, ref! It's a clear penalty, ref!" *saw the goal* "Nevermind.... wooohoooo".
Yup, it was a ridiculous decision. But it is more ridiculous of you jumping to conclusion about match fixing. All leagues have stupid decisions.
It should have been 2-2. That was a legit goal by Paloschi
Could not agree more. The highlight provided by Farid19S is one of the crappiest I have seen in my life. Nice to see youngsters & seniors playing well together...
Hope you guys qualify the CL.
That second goal fooled me. Thought he was going to shoot.. I think he did too.
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