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Gritty win... but it feels amazing none-the-less. Liverpool bringing back much deserved silverware! Adam's penalty had my heart in my throat..
6 years ago
Great performance by Liverpool. Dominant throughout the game even right after Brighton leveled. Carroll has started to pick up form the past few games. Hopefull...
Agreed. But Carroll came mighty close a couple of times when Gerrard did come on. Gerrard understands that Carroll needs crosses that are held up and give him a...
Because your an idiot. Liverpool aren't playing rubbish. They're playing average. Having good ball possession and good decisions, but the lack of quality in the...
Yeah, easy there MCFTW everyone knows Chelsea got ridiculously lucky beating your guys. A tie was fair.
When I saw it I was yelling it was wide! Almost had a heart attack when I saw the 1-0 up.
Sweet Carroll 9 Oh Oh Oh Scoring never looked so good So good So good So good Goals all the time Oh Oh Oh Just like Kenny said he would (Whilst swaying back & ...
7 years ago
Why don't you say the mls didn't accept him. stop putting down america.
Learn to spell.
It's a good point. However the previous American owners messed up the club. Kenny is doing a good job and Torres shouldn't have left mid season. He should have ...
^^ I hope you're not serious.
The only reason Liverpool fans are mad is because Berba comes out and says it was a penalty and Fergie backed him. Theo at least had the decency to apologize. A...
I really hope so
They were all second string players except for Giggs and Fletcher. So i'd say it's a pretty inexperienced squad. Arsenal had a lot of their starters. Van Persie...
Nahh Arsenal should win. Man u only lost because they had their young guns in. Itd be good for you guys to grab a trophy. Arsene needs it.
It's not suppose to be insulting it's true for the moment. except for the coach part. rooney's arrogant and whenever the pressure is on him he folds cause hes n...
Thats why last time liverpool played real the score was 4-0
Crouch was good pick, but there were a lot of problems with capellos squad.
Yeah but rooney was still slacking because of the injury.
8 years ago
Yeah, but the keeper still would have tried to punch it away which would of had the same result, and that doesn't make up for the awful decisions the refs made ...
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