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Madrid did well! Im glad we got the W! Benzema is damn good and just needed sometime to adjust, look at him now! I was waiting for this game, but i have to admi...
6 years ago
Yeah when u put it that way, I havent watched alot of chelsea games. but ive seen enough to see that torres does not play well, when he was at lpool he was the ...
Idk man, Torres has like spurs of greatness in him still. He can still make magic he has the ability. and Sturridge is playing great, so i think Chelsea's attac...
If Madrid get knocked out, I think Bayern will win it! they are just amazing this year they are the only other team that is able to knock out the spanish giants
Napoli, Chelsea- Napoli has a good record against EPL teams, but Chelsea are finally coming together and playing well under their new coach, so I think Chelsea ...
I think Madrid will win no doubt, but CSK is not a team to be taken lightly. Vagner love, doumbia and honda as their main attackers is pretty deadly. Doumbia is...
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I agree, RVP is just playing amazing right now, same with Gomez. Yeah Ronaldo and Messi are great, but they are not the only players in the world with magic we ...
Yeah im referring to the European titles, not the league. I dont keep up with Milan alot, but i do know that they have slowed down over the years. same as Madri...
Barca's son? if ur refering to Madrid your completely wrong. Remember Barca just started to dominate over the past few years, remeber who the real kings of span...
Barca and Mardid > any EPL team you are crazy to think otherwise. coming from a huge epl fan, i still have to say that Madrid and Barca are a level above any o...
Man united has so much history, its kinda sad reading some of these things and ppl cheering on a loss. Yes man city was the better team today, and yeah man city...
@Jjmanu4eva we have probably the second best bench to barcelona
I think bayern has a great chance also. It just depends who they face next, i think the only teams that will be able to knock out bayern this year would be a re...
Ya i hope we dont get tevez his attitude is garbage, i dont blame him tho at this point. he has asked to leave to go be with family but they wont let him. now m...
Hey guys, i just read on footytube an article that they posted saying that we are going to offer Tevez a way out of city? in exchange for khedira and some money...
Hahaha right! Nasri is amazing, sorry Napoli doesnt have players at his level
I said it once Manccini came to the club, man city are the new Galacticos and will be a team to not taken taken lightly this year and years to come. As a madrid...
Typical barca fan. cant notice anything wrong with your team, at least i have enough honesty to point out what my team did wrong.
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