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This is like the same situation when people were saying stuffs for Chelsea... dude you might be new to football but anything can happen in football.
6 years ago
Wellback reminds me of Drogba with his celebration when he scored the winner :')
Sorry our team didn't have that pace or skills to outmatch such great defenses.. our average team age is 28 years so you can understand.. we understood our stre...
Don't worry mate.. try breaking Chelsea's wall in next season's of Champions league.. ;)
I nominate you for the Sadass joke of the year
Lol mate.. we won it at your home.. IN YOUR FACE! Send your players to England to learn how to take a penalty
Mate... you don't know how our season was.. how our players were and how our situation was... we turned it all around.. the matches we played.. we were underdo...
Look at out guys.. we got a badass future teller here
How old are you? ever heard something called defending?
Http:// extended highlights
Hahahaha this guy is a cartoon
^ HAA and you my friend receives the sad ass joke of the year
Somewhere on FootyTube
What!? I just want to ask you my friend... did our team had more players than you? no. both team had equal amount of players. The referee was fair. Both teams p...
This Chelsea fan is on cloud 9! what are you on about mate? Just hope that we play well and produce a good football match! Don't be too overwhelmed.. Jeeze peop...
Bayren played bloody awesome! That was a penalty for Pepe's handball! How can ref give penalty for Albaba's handball but not for Pepe! But I'm happy that Bayren...
Seriously Moohaha & Getaasciesh? I believe you are one of those people who said Chelsea would get destroyed and Messi would score a hat-trick and now chelsea ha...
Why not? This is football too! Atleast we didn't dive for a penalty...! You guys played your style of football and we played ours... maybe it wasn't beautiful t...
Yes we did beat them dude.. what is this all arrogance bout!? "we are the best team in the world" what the hell dude? Yeah we played really incredible yesterda...
Arguably the best team... With Real madrid or Bayren... we will see.. :)
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