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Exactly. welbeck is far from chicharito's standard
Costed? go to school
Portugal does not behave like a team, does not deserve to go to brazil. take a long break next year.
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9 months have since passed. welbeck still sucks big time. fxxx off
Not a penalty. got the ball first
5 years ago
Welbeck is just awful and does not deserve a place here
SAF should just fxxing start anderson/ cleverly to partner fletcher. i also think chicharito tends to perform better coming off from bench. his pace works best ...
Perhaps arsenal management needs some tutorial with chelsea management
Ruud van Nistelrooy once said, i would rather score a crap goal every match than to score a great goal every 10 matches
How long does cech gotta wear that helmet
The difference is, when it's united, it will be headline across the papers
I just wonder what is going through the mind of the fella who left the stadium at 4-0
Why is defoe the striker?
That IS a D.I.V.E
6 years ago
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