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5 years ago
It's true, Barca did a crap job of clearing the ball. But they were also playing a really high line, and when you do that, the Ref HAS to get the calls right, ...
Mascherano has no tactical positioning sense. Pique does. Pique also has much better footwork. Masche just runs harder, but usually ends up fouling everyone ...
Great game. Better than watching Bayern beat the #&@* out of poor Old Lady Juventus. What happened to Lavezzi? He was on fire in the first half, but went mis...
Totally offside, not even close. That was a really poor call from the linesman. The one the ref got wrong in Bayern v Juventus was more understandable - that w...
Ok, first off, it's not Valdes' fault. The only one he could have saved was the low ball, and that wasn't the worst fault ever. Credit to the striker there fo...
Time for a new defensive coach. what the #W&@ is going on? Two own goals recently- Mascherano and Alves. If you're going to play with Brazilian wingbacks wh...
This is a nice one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoHjwBEfHwg
GO HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoHjwBEfHwg
Then Madrid should have no problem dispatching Barcelona 5-0 in the upcoming Classico...
6 years ago
What's up with the premiere league this year?!? Man Utd and Man City out of the Champion's League, Chelsea on the verge of elimination to Napoli and performing...
Dude, she had a lot of courage to make that call. It was absolutely the correct decision, but when the league leaders are about to go down to a 2nd rate team i...
Whatever, he's just desperate for attention. We all remember Real Madrid losing to a 3rd tier team, as well as getting hammered 6:2 and then 5:0 in classicos, s...
I certainly respect Pep as a coach, but I DO NOT understand why Barcelona cannot buy a defender. Read Madrid has bought like 10 players in the past three seaso...
Ouch. Abbiati, my goodness! You're the goalie of one of the top 4 teams in the world. This was not the performance of one of the top four goalies in the wo...
Somewhere on FootyTube
First United goal was clearly offside - it wasn't even close. The pass to Nani for the second was possibly also offside, too close to call, but I think the ref...
People! Please give some credit where credit is due: Yakubu had an incredible game. It's nice to see the premiere league a bit competitive for once, celebrate...
Malanga might have done better without a goalkeeper. Was he event paying attention to the game? Perhaps he was listening to his walkman. In any case, it's gr...
7 years ago
When Benzema was in France, he looked unstoppable. He's certainly been underperforming lately, but he still has remarkable potential. Are you going to say Dieg...
Ronaldo can take the obvious shot too often. It's strange for a player of his caliber - why not dance around like Ozil? But Madrid outplayed Sevilla on this o...
Ozil was miles onside. It wasn't even close. Sevilla's first chance was certainly office - it's not just the legs, it's the shoulders too.
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