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Ooo you are so right. Man utd would have went into that match with a 4-3-3 formation and won that game 3-0 right?
7 years ago
I hope it's another english team that plays away to Barca in the second league, would love to see them "not defend" in the majority of the match.
How?....Who?....What?........Messi, -.- , f**k! Things going through my head at the time of the goal, he does love getting the perfect goals doesn't he.
The players were poor tonight, that's my biggest worry to be honest. I agree with you on the moment, the Barca fans were actually quite during that bit, allowin...
RVP played like s**t up to the red card but we will never know what might of happened had RVP stayed on the pitch. End of the day Barcelona won and deserved to ...
Moyes needs to stop worrying about alleged comments and start fixing his team. This match nearly became the world cup final, Heitenga is one disgusting player, ...
What about Silvestre? lol.
Didn't particularly like Fabregas's need for a red card, it's f*****g Huddersfield. Well played Huddersfield, nice to see a lower division team finally attackin...
Nice to see him track him.
It has started, the descent to downfall, could Nasri start the domino effect of injuries Arsenal keep suffering during this time of the season.
"Rivals" have games in hand and sit below them in the table. Utd and Arsenal would have to flop big time to let City have a sniff. Must win game this was and i ...
Keep it up Barca! and i hope Arsenal do aswell, so both teams can produce the match of the season.
I hope that starting 11 plus a confident Arshavin are ready to face Barca, i have a feeling the match at the emirates will be great but Rvp or someone will get ...
The real fixture will be Utd vs City at old trafford. If Man City go for it, what a match that could be.
Arsenal have always been good. The reason you're doubting the length of this is because key players get injured at key times. See how man city would do without ...
That's a flawed argument, Barca have struggled against Chelsea in the past and their last match was a "disgrace". I would loved to have seen Chelsea and Barca a...
City won't win the league playing like that. Their strength lies in defence however, they are expected to attack at home and this leaves them vulnerable at the...
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