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So I beat you this year in fantasy football? Also see you're either hated or loved on this site.
1 year ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
Nice season, if not for the drought in the middle, beautiful start though.
3 years ago
Torres just pointed out what modern football is like for some players. Also if the guy wanted to make the switch, I respect Liverpool for acknowledging the play...
Hey not doing bad this season at 17th, I changed my formation around and it helped me jump up 100 spaces.
Finally now if only they could do this well against teams in the premier we'll be fine.
Yes it is
Its another close one!!
Glory Glory!
4 years ago
Is the commentator speaking polish in the beginning?
Messi went messy
Pretty bad ref calls. But there is nothing that can be done and there were mistakes made.
Hey guy, I came back from a 200 point deficit...now within 10-15...that only means one thing, Mr. Economist.
Still below me eh?
Considering Chelsea played 2 games less than man u and 1 less than arsenal has the same amount of goal totals and is down by two points, I think Chelsea should ...
Great goal by ashely cole.
What's up with shooting a football team's bus. That's really messed up. Have those people been arrested? If I were any of the other teams, I would relocate the ...
Hey read that you're a university student in Montreal, which university are you attending?
Hilario played hilariously, played horrible, never put him on again. And about Kakuta, just because he's a young player doesn't mean he should get slack. He sho...
Ultimate fighting mixed with football, but it's alright Chelsea won and thats that.
Sends the devils back to hell Sunday
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