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YourMOM wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
I love this, we finally have so good player that every other club hates him
2 years ago
Yeah.. Ashley Young made a nice dive there and got free kick, you just didnt score but of course the liverpool players diving is irritating because we score fro...
Hasn't really been the easiest start for bolton. already faced ManU, City, Liverpool, Arsenal and now Chelsea. Now they can finally start winning!
I think you meant FIFA 12 = Females Ignored For Another 12 months
David Villa is right footed
I cant believe this, we win, we create many chances, Suarez scores, Carroll plays great, Gerrard is back and nobody got injured or red carded. HOW IS THAT RUBBI...
And torres is worth £50mil ??
Oh... never heard from that rule before, well thats great then!
And Adam cant play against Wolves because of his red card.
What about giving more time to Bellamy and Maxi, and less time to Henderson?
Well im talking about the whole season with these 2, they are just not players who start for top 4 club :/
OH C'MOON you cant be serious people! look at the premier league table on the right. We are only 2 points away from 4th spot, this is not the time to start whin...
So you are saying that moving carra to rightback would have stopped bales runs? we all know how stupid that sounds :P
You forgot Skrtl pace + Carra pace vs Bale pace didnt really work...
You need a girlfriend.
U still need play maker
Somewhere on FootyTube
Men united
2:02 , guy in the low right corner has stolen King Kennys shirt!
U could say we scored after Frimpong was sent of, I say we scored cos Kenny released Suarez nd Meireles !!
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