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Younggunner4 wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
I support
Who cares
This article sucks
Well, roman is playing his part as well
5 years ago
Rafa is destroying what couldve been a golden year
Im sorry but, it wasnt. we need a finisher with poise to execute and he simply does not have the character of the striker we so desperately need
That was awesome haha. these keep getting better and better
6 years ago
Trust me mate hes seen it, its whether gio is willing to fight for a spot or not
If i hear one more call for wengers head, ima go nuts. this man developed the quality players that became fabregas and nasri. hes been at the club for 15 years ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Come on you goooooners!!!!! lets do this!!!!! wilshire will carry the team and van persie will be top scorer!!!!!!!!!!
I predict some good footballers will come out of this program. or at least quality entertainment!
Love this video. wish i lived close enough to watch them practice
Somewhere on FootyTube
Madrid's midfield seems packed so a move out for kaka seems possible. rumors to chelsea could have substance but a move to the EPL seems unlikely and even unwis...
Ronaldinhooo you dog
Somewhere on FootyTube
Its one of two things. a) inspiring his team to winning trophies this year for his 'legacy' and then turns back on it and stays for another 3 years or more like...
7 years ago
Excuse me yes, i still have a question. brilliant!
Disappointing? very. But at least they truly know what losing feels like, i hope they remember well. good thing this season is far from over!
Somewhere on FootyTube
Bland article. Irksome even, in my opinion of course.
What a great day :D
Somewhere on FootyTube
Haha Jack was just kiddin around, come on Barry lighten up
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