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Hey Dani, my switch was more of related to style of play... if you have been following manu for the past the style of play during ronaldo/tevez a...
6 years ago
@Dani, my switch was more of related to style of play.... If you have been following manu for the past the style of play during ronaldo/tevez a...
Hey have a very similar air of confidence like Manu had during their City game.. You can keep have it at ur own risk ( read 6-2 :D ).... You may talk ...
No intentions either :D
Hey jackie... That depends of the point of view... If we see on paper and as an individual... Ronaldo is a more complete player than messi... he is better in th...
Thanx mr.dusty....ur name is synonym to "CRY BABY".... rofl :D no hard feelings mate...i was jus bein funny... i was a big fan of MANU myself, till Ronaldo was ...
I can understand ur frustration... the "theatre of dreams" has become a "theatre of nightmares"... lol :D
Utd frustrated, is such a cry baby...hats off to newcastle defense... stupid/intentional mistake by gutierrez... fabio - the kid doesnt seem to...
U really have a funny way of expressing urself. Mean that in the best kinda way obviously ;). 2 funny votes for u!
May God hear u! Since Cameroon won't take part in the ACN (a weird thing btw) it's left to Ivory Coast and Ghana to do the job and entertain me.
Too harsh on Savic.... this guy will pick up... Komparin him with kompany is too early :D
5 cool votes for u... may the force b with Ghana....
Somewhere on FootyTube
The d-day is 22 nov....the sad part is both r deservin teams...both desperate to make a mark in euro....esp since its there first season after a long time... my...
Yes the group of death is getting very exciting since man city have started picking it up, i hope napoli go through but it would be interesting to see how far M...
Do u want me to be angry at u!? lol...hehe! Well, think of it this way: when u look at my profile picture, do u see an angry dude!? Nope, u don't :P So am not a...
Oops, wrong conversation!
As I said that was the closest footytube was offering.... I guess you are angry on me now.... Lol .... No offense mate, I meant that in a good way.... FT should...
Somewhere on FootyTube
There was a time when players used to play for pride/honour.... its all about money these days... n de try to elongate their league careers as much as possible....
As i said that was the closest footytube was offering...i guess u r angry on me :D .. no offense mate, i meant that in a good way... FT shud have pass...
From passionate to angry!? Angry for what? It seems u think am Ghanaian or It wouldn't have mattered had it been Argentina, Spain, USA, France, ...
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