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Youarewrong wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Arsenal was totally outplayed the entire match. But the red card was absolute bullcrap. I have never seen a more ridiculous red card in my life. It was 1 or 2 s...
7 years ago
Feel sorry for him. Foolish? Yes. But seriously, who takes performance enhancing drugs for football? Its not like 100m or swimming, where results depend purely ...
B...b...but Luiz has more goals than Torres
Sorry, got carried away with the trolling :)
Hey Youarewrong, welcome to footytube. Just want to give you a heads up about our community guidelines. Please give it a read before you continue posting. http...
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Great joke tho
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Luiz should have been sent off. Rooney shouldn't have been allowed to play. Suarez should've been shot in the WC. Ireland should've gotten a freekick instead of...
Glad to see some objectivity from a Man U fan. But beware, the Wolves dress in Westbrom's clothing. Its gonna get ya. ITS GONNA GET YA!
Somewhere on FootyTube
The votes have spoken. run on home now
Get over it Bynge. This the first time you watch football? I will bet my mortgage (if you know what that is) that you are under 18. Football is like life. Skil...
Lol I see Man U fans say the same thing every year when other teams complain about mistreatment in Old Trafford. Just ground or not, if you cant take it, dont d...
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