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Rofl this is hilarious
Cry and learn from them, so the 3rd time, you are prepared.
Yeah we lost one game... its over...
Nah angle makes him offsides, but if you use the grass lines, he's clearly not. that's why they were put there.. as reference.. point of view from the camera d...
Ummmh clearly you don't use the grass-lines (the patch divisions) as reference.. as clearly every ref does. The angle we see it from puts him a bit offsides. ...
Pedro's goal wasnt offsides. Perfectly timed. Thats why there are grass-line divisions.. if you use those as reference you will see he is perfectly in-time. ...
And Yes, they had a good game. But in my opinion, Barca had a bad day. Put Barca in a good day against Madrid in a good day, we get great results. And no you ...
6 years ago
MAN... exceptional football by real madrid? my ass Exceptional football is what Barcelona does.
Yes Barcelona are better. But honestly speaking, Real Madrid won't be able to play their game as long as we the better team, and we do. It's a known fact that...
Yeah, it definitely was a psychological game. Even for them to score on the 22nd second, probably made them play more relaxed. Although I do admit there we're...
Hahahaha yeah, messi's first foul (on alonso) deserves a yellow card? come on... being too sensitive now are you?
If you must consider a fact: The starting 11 we're not here, including Messi.
Yeah its so true. I'm thankful to have such good players/passers in the team. Makes everyone look good, cuz Messi synced with Xavi and Iniesta (or Cesc) makes...
Yeah that's because Atletico was using a 4-back defense........ Barca has a much harder time when they use 9 defenders (mmhmm mourinho...) and the midfielders ...
@ElBandido Yeah they had like 5 shots in the first 10 minutes.. then we took over the whole game.. but I recall them being long-distance thoughtless CRonaldo s...
What are you talking about beating united? We beat United twice, with a very very different teams on both sides, in the final. Iniesta didn't play the first f...
@ Ch3ls3a you don't know what you are talking about at all. specially bringing up Figo, who left in 2000. None of the "super stars" we're with him with the e...
The only reply I have to this as someone who has played in real life is that IF YOU TENSE UP DURING A TACKLE AND A FOUL COMMITED AGAINST YOU, MOST LIKELY THAT Y...
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