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I am glad that you find that happy... With your team doing so well, you ought to look for satisfaction elsewhere right?
Sore losers. Look at them complaining. It's really entertainment at its best. No wonder they're popular. its like the WWE.
@Seanf24, enough of your bs. I cant wait to hear from you come March 5th. Hope your deluded enthusiasm stays intact.
I couldn't agree more...
Holy $hit!!!! Ibra is class
You're nuts.. for real...
Thanks for your support, City and Chelsea. We'll go marching on.
He was offsides, his upper body was clearly ahead of the last man.
England scores a well strucken goal and hits a post. How is that "lucky." They played well.
Question: How does EPL manage to deliver the trophy to the winning team immediately after the game. Nobody knew until Agero's goal that city would win. Do they...
6 years ago
I remember mate
I turned this game off at half time. Every champs match that Barca plays in is always rich with controversy. I remember when Van Persie was wrongfully sent off ...
Alas, Poor Shitty... haha
Yea right. who are you to say who deserves the title.
Im sorry that you thought that.. But if you were that sure why didn't you bet your house on it? Seriously... Come on I think the correct thing you should have s...
If you cheat, you get penalized. Enough said, he cheated. its football not volleyball
Wow your amazing. keep it up and one day you'll be lucky enough to meet him one day. It would be easy too since it seems like you will be the only "boy" cheerin...
Cant agree that he's a supporter but agree that he's overrated. He should have called the fouls that Chelsea committed in the first half
Stop blaming the ref. Chelsea's defense were more interested in whacking legs than anything else. Any Ref would have given those not to mention those that were ...
Man U scores two "unlucky" own goals and Chelsea escapes 2 penalty kicks earlier in the match and 108 people so far say Man United were the lucky ones. They ob...
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