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I love football more than anything in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dislike when people fight with each other and most of all i hate wars!!!!!!!!!! Lets us live in peace!!!!!!! enjoying football!!!!!!!
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What a nice last game for Drogba in Chelsea!!! congrats Didea and Torres!!!! and Lampard, who has been criticized so much at the beginning of the season!!! and ...
5 years ago
Sometimes in football it is not about ur skill or potential, it also about the desire to win!!! this thing has the greatest impact in the football field and i t...
Ruud Van Nisterloy is among the best striker of all time and the most favorite footballer for me with Alexandro Del Piero above all players !!!!!!! i think i wi...
On the same day, my best idol footballers (Ruud Van Nisterloy and Alexandro Del Piero) have retired!!!!!!!! Fantastic footballers of their time and fantastic go...
Football what a turn!! i like everything about Manchester united performance against Sunderland!!!!!! they have done everything they can to get it. I think city...
I don't hate Berbatov at all!!!! I think he is among the many best players, his calmness when ever he got the ball, his skill, his goals, his touch and everythi...
English premier league is the best league!!!!Now way a team ranked 17 would be difficult for the top teams in any other league!!!! This is why we love football!...
Last day of the premier league!!!
You can't say excellent!!! I am not saying he wasn't good that season but we didn't see those skills, his pass and his big influence we used to see when he was...
We are talking about football, it is not about the money!! it is not about how much he is getting and how he is living!! Compare Berbatov form or performance wh...
I think Berbatov life was ruined when he joined Manchester united!!!!!!!
Ethiopia!!! but now a days i think arsenal fans are high when compared to man utd fans but still there are many many supporters of Man utd!!!
What a composure and a good goal from Falcao!!!!!
Man Utd will never give up, no way!!!!!!! there still one game left!!!!!
I liked everything about Manchester united yesterday except their finishing, what a wonderful performance and courage by Evra, valencia and Young!!!!!!!!!!!! I ...
I am so happy for juve and for their symbolic player Alexandro Del Piero and their goal keeper, Buffon also they were with their team at the hard times but now...
Funny!!!!!!!!!!!! another trophy, you got that right!!!nice celebration!!!!!!!!!!1
Wigan Wigan, Their football is impressive and for most of the season what they were lacking was converting their chance but now they are now winning and they de...
Rolando is a very good player, this is a known fact even Messi knows it but the problem with him is that he dives and he will not celebrate when his team mates ...
Now his mind is on his boots!!!!! I wonder where it was all this season!!!! that goal against Barca is a huge boost for him! Torres, i hope u will score in the ...
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