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Hmfreestyle, according to your profile, you're a 19 year old male. Don't act like you've been supporting City before 2008.
6 years ago
No... people forget he has a year left. As did Nasri, except, RVP loves the club and we love him.
Never thought I'd see another Invincibles since we did it. Grats Juventus!
4 losses in the first 7 games. 2 losses in the last 16. From 17th to 3rd, I'm really proud of how we turned the season around. 15 consecutive years of CL footb...
It's not funny when someone has to explain the joke...
What a way to win the league. This is why the EPL is the best.
Villa played worse vs 10 men than 11 but thanks for the result.
I don't know why people are talking about Drogba's future when he's won it 4 times for Chelsea. He is such a beast of a player. Grats Chelsea!
Why would you 'support' Chelsea, Spurs AND Utd? Makes no sense.
One of the worst first halves from us this season. Arteta keeps the tempo and allows Song to go forward. Without him, we're a mess. Ramsey needs to sort himself...
Goal of the season. Signing of the season. Manager of the season. Well done Newcastle.
No idea why Wolves didn't play like that before they got relegated.
Champions League, you're having a laugh.
Typical rugby tactics by Stoke. Chris Foy is a terrible ref as well.
Most of us thought it would be an El Clasico final but grats to Bayern and Chelsea. Maybe RM/Barca aren't as ahead of the other teams as people thought.
What an absolute fantastic defensive display from Chelsea. Well f***ing done! Done the EPL proud there. 4 attempts on target over 2 legs, 3 goals. To be fair ...
Speak for yourself Marcossenma.
@Lingliu Yeah, but have we ever moaned so much that we want banter to be removed? If you can't handle it, mute your telly and watch it in silence. Ever hear the...
Just because you lost you want to censor WBA chanting? Banter is what makes the EPL the best. Every team does it, including yours. You're a sore loser.
Wolves fans to Aguero+Tevez: 'The Falklands are ours, the Falklands are ours. F**k off you Argies, the Falklands are ours.' Absolute genius banter.
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