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@yousifsaid true. he is so evil. I dont know, I have never hate any of real madrid's coach back since vicente del bosque to manuel pellegrini, Mou is just kill...
6 years ago
Trust me, we do. and we thousands of reason for it, Thats why we call it Mes que un Club (More than just a club)
@Howells : did I use ONLY in my comments. I just said Ours is the right one. I didn't say others are playing it the wrong way. (apart from madrid though)and cal...
@ChelseaChamps11 : See, if you watch the match The first goal is the only goal by madrid that is seen off-side (ronaldo's position), that's why the defenders ro...
Remember this dear Red Devil's fan. Ronaldo ditched MU. lol
Keep on hatin we'll just keep winnin. lol
Juno : Well said bro!
*raises hand And I would like an explanation on Mourinho's act towards one of barca's technical staff durin the row, didn't you think is a little bit un-ethical...
Howells, Sorry. Pretty aggressive ay? As a chelsea fan you ought to know that those type of PLAY by Real Madrid would earn them lots of red card in the premier ...
Well that shows us how in-human MADRIDistas can be. Cheers looser.
Owh, did they really DIVE? OR are you just saying that with no concrete evidence? Be sensible, none of BARCA players dive in that match. You said you don't mind...
Well said bro!
Err~ dude its WWE now. Chill, it was a great goal though.
Agreed with @Sassysa. There's no need to provoke anyone, lets just enjoy the game aite? :)
Owh, come on guys! (Madrid fans especially) PLEASE stop assuming your team is now have rejuvenated to their glorious style back since GALACTICOS? Face it, MADR...
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