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Oh god. i know there is a decent margin between ourselves and eighteenth place but still... i am fearing the worst. what a disaster this is turning out to be. a...
6 years ago
He's fantastic but look at Jovetic. I think after last match, the statistics showed that he had scored 50% of all Fiorentina's goals! It must be higher now as a...
Right so I've done some browsing of the inter web and came across two fanatastic articles by James Horncastle on the trials and tribulations of our beloved ACF ...
What a sorry state we are in these days. I hope the signing of Amauri can signal better things for us. Perhaps we can begin to put things right once we push awa...
Merry Christmas my friend! Don't think they will be a waste of talent considering if things continue as they are, they will all be sold... and knowing us, seve...
How do you watch Fiorentina matches? via internet? do you know some HD streams for them? i had a brilliant strem yesterday against Roma for the first it was a r...
Hahaha what a fab result today! fine, there were some mitigating circumstances i.e. juan being sent off and us converting the penalty, however, we played well t...
Hrm i think we all need to give delio rossi a bit more time to re-jig things... will keep my fingers crossed today, we should have a shot against roma, they are...
About to watch the replay and pick up a copy of gazzetta dello sport to read the match review... have a feeling we were let off the hook, especially by the line...
Finally logged into Footytube again. Who knows, I feel slightly optimistic about Dellio Rossi. Who knows, if he can make some of our premadonnas a bit happier, ...
All fans should read this post: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/columns/story/_/id/981809/gotta:-fiorentina's-axing-of-sinisa-mihajlovic?cc=5739
I've been so depressed and disillusioned with Fiorentina since Sinisa Mihajlovic came in. This is my excuse for not visiting the Fiorentina page on Footytube-- ...
Fantastic result. i started watching at the beginning of the second half and my heart started sinking. i thought i wouldn't come onto footytube for yet another ...
7 years ago
Happy Christmas my friend!!
I haven't been on the forum for a very long time and in part it's because i only like to come on to see a fiorentina victory-- something which is quite difficul...
Thx for support our team,lol
I think we have a shot at the top four regardless of jovetic being out and not having Insua. In all honesty, a left back is not what we need, we need to find a...
Here here, Reidscott is a great Fiorentina fan and always will be. Gizzle, frankly you can sod off, you have 1) no reason or merit to deem if someone is a fan o...
Jovetic won't leave because of the new manager, he will at least give it another season. Plus, what is the point of moving to Barcelona? They have no use for a ...
Just wanted to add my two cents as I have not been here for a while. When I first heard that Prandelli was leaving, my heart sank at the thought of the great ma...
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