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Real madrid
canales(so charismatic and available on the field)
All Barcelona (not the team only all linked to barcelona even culture)
I am from niger im learning english (excuz then my lil mistakes) im an inveterate of Real madrid's team and need to be acquainted with all the real madrid's supporter.
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It's a lil difficult to see who we should add or take off in a team which works well. Surely,we got to replace those who could leave this summer (Kaka,ronaldo,h...
6 years ago
Hey alucard stay catalan pleaz. we dont want u in our side
7 years ago
Certainly he touches lot of balls but doesnt make him the best of our club. this last time , he wasted a lot of balls. it's a risk bet but i think we got to tr...
We gonna have fun rival
Somewhere on FootyTube
They also got messi and xavi and they dare say it's becoz of international friendlies. bullshits!!!! u were bad and it's happening dnt find out any excuses
The one who i see on the bench is ronaldo.frankly he's not decisive as last year and if he stills continue like that it's him that kaka will replace.he's not ab...
Anyway the time will prove it to us. as he said it contrary to them we(real madrid) judge them able to succeed at the top level. they just have to prove it alth...
Gave you 2 cool votes for being a fan of Real Madrid.
Will it be benzema or higuain on the field?? mourinho will trust higuain for the qualities he already shown or benzema who starts taking off
Yeahhhh just the automatisms to perfect and we'll be ready for osasuna.i feel victory saturday
Certainly we need to be efficiency in front of goal and he stays like that undeniably he will be set aside in profit of benzema who is really animate by a huge...
I think he's trying to attract all the media's pressure on him in order to rid from it his players. he always knew how to do it since his passage at chealsea. h...
What do you wanna mean by more sincere johny baba? sincerely higuain was the last season best real madrid's player widely in front of ronaldo and kaka. he finis...
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