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Since the last time Liverpool won the league, our main Goalkeeper has been borned, trained, signed up for United and already won the league. And you have the F...
Last year bayern was second place in EVERYTHING. Lost final against Chelsea - UCL second place Lost Bundesliga to BVB - Bundesliga second place Lost DFB Final...
Zee Germans are coming.....
Lewandowski is just..I'm..it´'s like.....I have no words...What a fantastic player
Its just a little break from the 20th title celebration...You know, that shiny thing every team gets when they finish first on their league. DOn't worry. You wi...
Sorry for the unrelated comment, but what language is being spoken? I can recognize some words but i can't tell...
5 years ago
Thank good almighty for the mute button!
@ Pukaki Ok..so complaining about a poor referee decision is crying? OK...in that case I prefer crying than celebrating another team's defeat because my own te...
Dude. Why dont focus better on your CL match?? oh wait..you are not there.. Yes! Better focus on your Europa League match...oh you don't have that either?? Be...
Hahaha...dirty move is what Diego Lopez did when van persie touched him....
I will quote Drogba on this one... "It's a f**cking disgrace!"
I can't believe this. I alway knew there was the possibility of loosing, of having a very hard match. But not like this....not because such an stupid red card.....
WHAT THE F**K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!!!!!! GO ramos go!
Clear Penalty, but it was an over-theatrical fall. Either way it was indeed a Penalty
Not even Jesus Christ, just resurrected on sunday would have been able to stop that ball. It was just perfect.
Im not hating on RVP. To be honest I'm more than happy with his performance so far for the team. He is also human and can miss...sadly :(
There are still 3 things I can't get over: 1. Ronaldo's jump. Really...it was beatiful 2. RVP miss...It was sooo close. RVP usually dig those in. 3. De Gea's f...
We were so close....so close. If RVP just pushed the ball a little bit harder... Anyway...where are all those haters predicting a 4-1, 5-0. 3-0 defeat?
RVP...what a player.....
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