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4 years ago
People have lot of time to ruin others day. Anyway thanks dekk Visca Barca
I heard Abi announce retirement from football, i hope he can fight back his cancer and can distribute his contribution to football in other ways... God bless y...
Only if we had a Henry in his prime than Messi would have lot and lot of assist in his name
If Tata wear his mint green polo t-shirt on match day than Man City is over. Right now i am only worry about the weather condition, "hope it will not be too col...
Honda is going to AC Milan. I wish him a goodluck and perform well there.
Really a bad day Barca losing the game and sad news of Paul Walker (RIP)
I did some research and investigation it comes out that there was no one's fault for that last penalty. It was just that, that particular place of a ground have...
Fellow Barca fans, is it only me or we all sees that we really don't have any hope of winning CL this year with that defense line. Please anyone just lie to me ...
All the footy lovers from around the globe i want to promote some south Asian football to the room (SAFF championship) which is currently being held in my home ...
Let's cheer for Nepal
Thanks guys
Hey guys it's really been a while... Anyway, can anyone tell me where i can watch full match (if possible in HD), will really appreciate if anyone can help
Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhoj43vXGas dedicated to Barca and all the supporters
5 years ago
Before el' classico fan base: ya it will be a good game, let the best team wins, ya they have the potential, this player is good that player good and not that m...
I was wondering, when madrid didn't have ramos and pepe in their team it was 19 foul, what if they were playing hahaha
Jeroen ya i know you are completely right and maybe i am wrong or i expected more from our team than any other fans.But here, i want to point out the comparison...
Jeroen i am talking about this after all those chances dude, its not that i am spoil or i am taking madrid as second division. Even you have to admit that we ha...
Guys totally out of classico topic just watch the highlight between man u and southhampton, is it me only or that goalkeeper is insanely good for barca and i th...
When it comes to classico i f**king don't want to see draw, either we win or either we lose. Darn!! i would not have been that disappointed even if we would hav...
What were you guys expecting, white roses!!
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